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Statement From Chancellor Carranza On Parent Leader Racially Insensitive Remark

  • Posted: Tue Nov 19, 2019

"Parent leaders are our partners in ensuring all students have learning environments that are welcoming, inclusive, and supportive, and that our staff members keep equity at the forefront of their decision-making. I hold them to a high standard, and have a great deal of respect for them. I was appalled to learn one parent leader used a racially insensitive remark to describe Asian American families. It’s completely unacceptable, and while her public apology was an important first step, I’ve asked my team to look into this further.


Parents leaders serve on autonomous, elected bodies, and I am respectful of that. As Chancellor of New York City’s public schools, it’s important that I make it clear to all students and families: this language is inappropriate and divisive, and moves us all further away from a focus on the children’s agenda."


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