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NYC Public Schools Launches 18th Annual School Survey

  • Posted: Thu Feb 15, 2024

The 18th annual NYC School Survey, one of the largest annual surveys conducted in the country, launched on February 12 and will run through April 5. All parents, teachers, and students in grades 6-12 are encouraged to share feedback.

NEW YORK – Schools Chancellor David C. Banks this week launched the 18th annual NYC School Survey, a critical tool in New York City Public Schools’ work engaging members of our school communities and strengthening connections with our educators and families. The survey provides new insight into what families and students think about their school, aligned with Chancellor Banks’ focus on engaging families as true partners in their child’s education.   

“Engagement with families, educators, and communities is at the core of everything we do,” said Schools Chancellor David C. Banks. “We are committed to continuing to rebuild trust with families and provide the high-quality education our students deserve. The annual NYC School Survey is a critical resource for our school leaders to learn from their students, staff, and families and to center their needs and feedback. I strongly urge everyone to complete the survey and make your voice heard.”

The feedback captured by the NYC School Survey helps school leaders understand what members of their community think about the learning environment in their school and informs improvements to schools and programs. The survey is available online in 10 languages and is open until April 5 to all families and teachers, as well as students in grades 6-12. Families will also receive a hard copy of the survey from their school.

This year’s survey includes questions that were added or edited to better understand family engagement and the student experience, in line with NYCPS priorities. In collaboration with the Research Alliance for New York City Schools, the survey is also refined annually to ensure actionable feedback about each school. Families can take the NYC School Survey by going to

  • Parents/Guardians need only their child’s nine-digit Student Identification (OSIS) Number to complete the survey.
  • Parents will enter a lowercase “f” and their child’s nine-digit number as the survey code (e.g., f123456789) to complete their unique survey. 
  • Families can find their student’s ID number on a report card, a student ID card, or in their NYCSA account.
  • Families should reach out to their child’s school if they need support identifying their child’s Student Identification Number.

Families can also take the survey by logging on to their NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) Portal, where they can also see their student’s grades, test scores, and more. 

Results of the survey will be shared with school staff in the summer to support planning for the coming school year.  Results will be released publicly later in the year.