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Organizational Update From Chancellor David C. Banks

  • Posted: Mon Mar 25, 2024

Dear Colleagues,

Two years ago, when I first became chancellor, I advocated for reorganizing New York City Public Schools to push our valuable financial and human resources closer to schools. From empowering our superintendents to revolutionizing how reading is taught, this administration’s focus has consistently been on how we make sure that our teachers and school leaders have the right playbook and resources needed to give our students bright starts and bold futures. There is no better example of this work than when we launched NYC Reads last year to address the crisis of literacy and its impact on our students and families. Our vision is a system that puts even more resources as close to benefiting our students as possible.  Since the day I started, we have been closely evaluating the work and structure of each division. To date, we’ve eliminated over 600 central positions, shifted  over 500 staff closer to schools, restructured our superintendencies, and put over $300 million dollars into schools this year alone. 

To that end, we are moving forward with dissolving the Division of Teaching & Learning and integrating its work into the Division of School Leadership under the leadership of Deputy Chancellor Dr. Danika Rux.  I believe that putting the tremendous central Teaching & Learning resources closer to our schools – led by local superintendents - will accelerate the work of NYC Reads, improve math education, and set up our students for bright starts and bold futures. Our educators’ daily work is paramount, deserving full support from New York City Public Schools and immediate access to high-quality resources.  

Deputy Chancellor Carolyne Quintana has decided that after 2+ years at NYCPS she is moving on but has graciously agreed to stay on for the balance of the school year to support the transition and advise me on other key projects. I am deeply thankful to Deputy Chancellor Quintana for her deep knowledge and service to our city’s students and teachers. Her tireless work as pedagogue contributed to the launch of NYC Reads, and the nation’s largest dyslexia screening program, and our work around Artificial Intelligence, and she led the Special Education Advisory Council, and launch countless other initiatives. Her leadership is a critical component of the success of the first two years of this administration, and I appreciate her leadership, her thought partnership, and her friendship.  

Chief of School Support Dr. Miatheresa Pate will lead Teaching & Learning as Interim Executive Chief and will oversee the restructuring. Moving into the Chief of School Support position will be District 10 Superintendent Dr. Maribel Hulla. While we complete a C-37 process to find a new superintendent, Deputy Superintendent Mari Doyle will serve as acting superintendent. 

To the dedicated staff of the Division of Teaching & Learning, I know change is hard. I want to assure you that this restructuring is not a negative reflection of your work. In fact, we want to make sure that your hard work is as close to our students as possible. I can assure you that there will be no layoffs related to this change. I know that every employee of New York City Public Schools cares deeply about our students and wants what is best for them. Thank you for your dedication.  

As we develop comprehensive plans for this transition, the Division of School Leadership will keep in close contact and provide regular updates.  

Soaring High,

David C. Banks