Make Your Own Upcycled Bird Feeder for Climate Action Day!

You can celebrate Climate Action Day at home by recycling your milk carton into a beautiful, homemade birdhouse!

  • Jan 4, 2024, 11:00 AM

You can celebrate Climate Action Day at home by recycling a finished milk carton into a beautiful, homemade birdhouse!

A graphic showing a completed milk carton bird feeder craft.Supplies

  • Half-Gallon Milk or Juice Carton
  • Ruler
  • Pen or Permanent Marker
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic Paint and Paint Brush
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Glue
  • Yarn or String
  • Stickers, Buttons, and Other Decorations
  • Birdseed


  • Clean and dry a half-gallon milk or juice carton.
  • Using your ruler, draw a rectangle in the center of the carton with your pen or permanent marker. The bottom of the rectangle should be 1 ½ inches from the bottom of the carton.
  • With an adult’s help, use your scissors to cut out the rectangle to make a door for your birdhouse.
  • Paint your birdhouse using your paint brush and acrylic paints. Let dry.
  • While your paint is drying, you can cut or break about 6 popsicle sticks in half. Once the paint is dry, glue the popsicle stick halves onto each side of the top of the carton to create a roof for your birdhouse.  
  • With an adult’s help, cut a small, quarter inch slit underneath the hole you made for the birdhouse door. Place a full popsicle stick into the slit, leaving most of it on the outside to become the perch for your birdhouse, and secure the stick with glue. This is where the birds can sit while they eat!
  • If you plan to hang your birdhouse, cut a small hole in the top of the carton on either side and run a piece of yarn or string through the holes.
  • Use stickers, buttons, and patterned paper to decorate your birdhouse however you like. Don’t forget to decorate the roof!
  • Once the glue is dry, full to bottom inch of your birdhouse with birdseed.