Four Pillars for Building Trust in NYC Public Schools

The four pillars for improving and building trust with our families:

  1. Reimagining the student experience
    • Career Pathways Initiative —creating career-connected learning and pathways for all our students to help activate their passion and sense of purpose.
    • Ensuring that all students graduate with a strong plan and head start on a pathway to the middle class, including financial literacy and civics skills.
    • Supporting our children to become strong readers.
    • Making sure every single one of our students is getting strong, phonics-based literacy instruction from the very start.
    • Building on the universal screening tools that identify risk for dyslexia to tailor more effective responses at the earliest possible ages; strengthening early childhood education.
    • Creating an Advisory Council on Literacy.
    • Virtual learning -expanding virtual options for students.
  2. Scaling, sustaining, and restoring what works
    • Identifying the amazing practices throughout our system and sharing via state-of-the-art knowledge-sharing system so that they become models that other schools can try to emulate.
    • Expanding opportunities for accelerated learning in every school.
  3. Prioritizing wellness and its link to student success
    • Working with the Mayor’s office to increase the number of School Safety Agents.
    • Collaborating with community-based partners to support school safety, mental health, attendance, and enrichment.
    • Extending learning beyond the four walls of the classroom to feed the souls of our children with visits to museums, parks, and activities in the great outdoors.
    • Increasing our schools’ capacity to provide quality mindfulness practices that are scientifically researched, evidence-based, and culturally responsive.
  4. Engaging families to be our true partners

Read Chancellor David C. Banks' remarks on his vision from March 2, 2022