Social Workers, Guidance Counselors, and Psychologists

Candidates interested in becoming a school counselor, social worker, psychologist, or attendance teacher in the New York City public schools must possess or have completed all requirements for the appropriate New York State certificate. Candidates from out-of-state may be considered provided they fall within the guidelines for interstate reciprocity as defined on the New York State website. You can find details about New York State Certification requirements for these various titles on the New York State Education Department’s Certification page.

Application and Hiring Process 

For full-time employment opportunities in these Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) titles in the current school year, new candidates must register and complete the online application.

NYCPS will first review applicants for eligibility; eligible candidates will then be listed in the New Teacher Finder. This search tool allows principals to post school-based positions and contact candidates, and allows candidates to search for vacancies and apply directly to schools. Candidates may be contacted directly by schools or district supervisors, and also may be invited to recruitment events.

School Social Workers: Application and Eligibility 

More information on the application and hiring process for Social Workers is available online.

If you are a licensed New York State Social Worker, you must also hold School Social Worker certification to be eligible for a position with NYCPS. You can find more information on these requirements, and on the application process with the New York State Education Department in the How to Apply for NYSED School Social Worker Certification document.

Bilingual Candidates for Pupil Personnel Services Positions

To seek a position as a Bilingual Pupil Personnel Services provider, you must hold the Bilingual Extension in addition to your base certificate in your professional discipline. If you have this Extension Certificate, please indicate this information when completing your online application. If you are bilingual and do not have the extension, we encourage you to pursue the Bilingual Extension requirements for certification. This will increase your chances of being selected for Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) positions. If you have been offered a position as a bilingual provider and need the Bilingual Extension, please contact the Office of Scholarships, Incentives, and Pupil Personnel Services at 718-935-2449.

BPS Program Benefits

  • Paraprofessional teaching experience in a bilingual childhood setting (Grades 1-6)
  • Same salary and benefits as UFT professionals
  • Paid tuition in an accredited teacher education program at a participating college at the undergraduate level
  • Professional development, training, and mentorship support to become a New York State certified teacher of Bilingual Education.

For more information about the Bilingual Pupil Services Program (BPS) and to apply, visit the BPS page.

Scholarship Programs for Bilingual Candidates

Scholarships are available for candidates who are fluent in English and a second language, based on NYCPS need, in the following areas:

  • Bilingual Speech-Language Pathology
  • Bilingual School Psychology
  • Bilingual Special Education

For more information on Jose P. Graduate Scholarship Program and other scholarship areas, please visit the Office of Scholarships, Incentives, and Pupil Personnel Services page at Note that currently employed teachers or clinicians are not eligible for the Jose P. Graduate Scholarship Program.

SLP Clinical Placements/Field Training and Practicums for Social Workers and Guidance Counselors

A centralized system is in place for the placement of all School Counselor field training and practicum interns, Social Work field training interns, and Speech-Language Pathologist clinical placement interns. This new centralized system will ensure that all internship (PPS Student Teaching) placements align with agency protocols, including fingerprint clearance.

Please work with your Clinical Director/Placement Officer at your college or university if you seek placement in NYC Public Schools. The Clinical Director/Placement Officer should contact for information to help you with the placement and clearance process.

Psychologist in Training Program (PIT) 

The PIT Program, overseen by the Office of Supervisors of School Psychologists, offers a one-year, salaried internship to eligible graduate students of school psychology. The primary objective of the program is to provide interns with field-based experiences which serve to integrate academic training and professional practices in the competency areas of assessment, consultation and collaboration, counseling, and intervention. Interns work with a diverse population of general and special education students under the direct supervision of experienced, NYS certified school psychologists. For questions about the program, such as participating universities and colleges, please review this fact sheet, consult with your internship coordinator or program director. To learn more about the application process, please review the check-list, which is updated yearly. For remaining questions, you may contact Lauren Sullivan