Device Returns 

Students leaving the DOE in June or August , must return their DOE-loaned devices (iPads and Chromebooks). 

  • Seniors must return the devices before they graduate.
  • If your child is leaving the DOE before the start of school in September , please arrange to get the device back to the school or see below for other return options.

If your child is returning to a DOE school, DOE Pre-K or 3-K program (NYCEEC/FCC/ EarlyLearn), or are participating in a NYCDOE program in a non-public or charter school in fall of , you do NOT need to return the DOE device to us at this time. 

  • Any elementary or middle school students who are moving up to new schools also should hold onto their internet-enabled LTE iPads and Dell Chromebooks.

Return iPads and Chromebooks

Take the device back to the last DOE school you attended. Please make sure to give it to the Principal, Assistant Principal, Parent Coordinator, School Point of Contact for Technology (SPOC) or other person at the school who is in charge of technology. 

Other Arrangements

If you need special arrangements to return the your DOE-loaned device, please reach out to your school so they can open an incident to get special accommodation to have the device shipped back or picked up and we will do our best to assist you.

Thank you for participating in the DOE device program. Wishing you all the best now and always.