Multilingual Learners Academy

Summer in the City's Multilingual Learners Summer Academy offers enriching programs for students who are Multilingual Learners and are currently enrolled in grades 1-11.

Grades 1-8

Students currently enrolled in grades 1-8 can continue strengthening their academic skills through fun and interactive activities. The Summer in the City: Multilingual Learners Summer Academy also offers support to students who are currently enrolled in Spanish, Mandarin, or Arabic bilingual programs. Contact your child's principal or parent coordinator to enroll. Use our Find a School tool to get your school's contact information.

Grades 9-11

Multilingual Learners currently enrolled in grades 9-11 are able to continue strengthening their academics and creativity through several different programs this summer.

For more information and to pre-register a student for a Summer in the City: Summer Academy’s English Language Learners Summer program, please email

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