M.S. 935



  • School Number: K935

  • Accessibility: Fully Accessible

  • Grades: 06,07,SE

  • Geographic District: 19

  • Borough: Brooklyn

School Contacts and Information

School Leader
Jermaine Lewis,Principal
Parent Coordinator
Yasslin Aponte
Respect for All Liaison
Kyle Heyward
Sexual Harassment Prevention Liaison
Jermaine Lewis
How to report bullying
504 Coordinator
Melanie Sanchez
Shares building with other schools
District Borough Number

Superintendent and District Contacts

Tamra Collins
Family Support Coordinator
Ginova Rodriguez
590 Sheffield Avenue, Brooklyn, Ny 11207
Education Council President
Joyce French
Education Council Phone

Mental Health and Wellness

Ask your Parent Coordinator, School Social Worker, or School Counselor for more information about your school's mental health program.

Building Ventilation Information

In order to ensure maximum safety for staff and students, all school buildings are continually monitored for any ventilation issues. The DOE makes repairs or improvements where needed and/or will close any rooms until they can be occupied safely.
K667 - 76 Dinsmore Place
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Building Ventilation Status

Free Student Meals

Breakfast, lunch and after school meal service is free for all NYC public school students.
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School Quality

The DOE develops tools to help families and educators understand student achievement and school quality. The reports on this page provide information about school quality from multiple sources. These sources include feedback from students, teachers, and parents. Reports also include information from formal school visits and a variety of student achievement metrics.


Building Accessibility Profile

Building 1
K667 - 696 Jamaica Avenue - Fully Accessible
10 out of 10 - All educational primary function areas within the building are accessible. The building either has a construction date of 1992 or after, or represents a building where major alterations, additions or remediations have been made to pre-1992 construction to provide full accessibility.
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