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  1. Find a School

    Find a SchoolTo find a specific schoolType the school's name in the first box.Click Search. Results will display below. If you're searching for a school with a one-digit or two-digit name like "PS 8" or "MS 27" and you d...

  2. Finding an Independent Provider

    Finding an Independent Provider On this page... When we are unable to find a DOE employee (our first choice) or agency therapist (our second choice) to work with children in grades K-12 during or after school hours, your...

  3. Home Schooling

    You must make a Statement of Intent to home-school your child by July 1, or within 14 days of beginning a home instruction program.

  4. Menus

    Menus The New York City Department of Education offers free breakfast and lunch to all NYC public school students. What’s on the Menu Today?Our monthly menus offer a variety of healthy, great-tasting, and creative food c...

  5. Announcements

    Search here to find the latest updates and announcements

  6. Funding Our Schools

    Funding Our Schools On this page... 2018-2019 BudgetFor the 2018-2019 school year, our total budget is $32.3 billion:New York City provides 57%NY State provides 37%the Federal government and other sources provide 6%.Capi...

  7. Bus Eligibility

    Bus Eligibility On this page... General Education TransportationGeneral education transportation eligibility is based on a student’s grade level and the walking distance between home and school. Based on a distance calcu...

  8. Career and Technical Education

    Career and Technical Education On this page... Career and Technical Education programs are made up of elective courses that teach you about different careers. New York City offers you over 130 schools and over 260 progra...

  9. Volume B Regulations

    These regulations address school-based budgeting.

  10. Family Welcome Centers

    Visit Family Welcome Centers to get help with enrollment and admissions. Find hours and locations in all five boroughs on the Family Welcome Center page.

  11. High School Equivalency (Ages 17-21)

    Are you 17-21 years of age? Do you want to earn your High School Equivalency Diploma? Learn about the classes that are offered to help you prepare for the test.

  12. Enrollment for LGBTQ and Gender Nonconforming Students

    Our enrollment and admissions processes are open to all NYC students, including LGBTQ and gender nonconforming or gender expansive students. Learn more about our policies and find resources for LGBTQ and gender nonconfor...

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