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  1. Special Education Glossary

    An Alphabetical listing of many of the Special Education terms that you and your child may need to understand.

  2. Special Education in NYC

    All students with disabilities who require special education services have Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). The IEP, which is created by a team that includes you, the parent; contains information about your chil...

  3. Special Education

    Special Education

  4. Other Special Education Services

    This can include: Accommodations and Modifications; Accessible Education Materials Adaptive Equipment; Adapted Physical Education; Alternate Assessment; Declassification Services; Extended School Year Services; Paraprof...

  5. Specialized Programs for Students with Disabilities

    This page covers: Academics, Career, and Essential Skills Program; Autism Spectrum Disorders Programs; Autism Spectrum Disorders Summer Programs; Bilingual Special Education

  6. Specialized Transportation

    Specialized Transportation is also sometimes called: door-to-door busing; special education busing.

  7. Other Educational Settings

    NY State Education Department Approved Non-Public Schools These schools serve students with disabilities. They provide programs for children whose educational needs cannot be met in public school programs. The IEP team ...

  8. CSE

    This page covers: Committees on Preschool Special Education; Committees on Special Education; Locations; Charter Schools

  9. District 75 Programs

    ... special education program designed to meet their instructional and related service needs. However, there are some students who as a result of their disability may require additional support and that can be offered thr...

  10. District Schools

    The majority of students with IEPs receive their educational programs in the same schools that they would attend if they did not have disabilities. Here is a list of educational programs that your child may receive in a ...

  11. The IEP Process

    The IEP Process

  12. Contacts and Resources

    DOE Special Education Contacts Here is a list of contacts that can help answer questions and resolve concerns about your child’s special education evaluation, supports, and services.

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