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  1. Special Education

    Programs and services for children with IEPs

  2. Special Education

    Special Education

  3. Special Education in NYC

    Get an overview and learn about special education at the DOE.

  4. Notice of Potential Disclosure of Student Records

    Parents of children who have received or are receiving medical accommodations (such as nursing or specialized transportation), or parents who have requested these accommodations for their children, should read the attach...

  5. Helpful Links for Covid 19

    Get links to websites, videos and apps for your family to talk about the coronavirus with your student.

  6. Special Education in Blended and Remote Settings

    All students will receive instruction in a blended model (in-person and remotely, as determined by the instructional model selected by the school) or fully remote.

  7. CSE

    Learn about the Committees on Preschool Special Education and Committees on Special Education and get contact information for them

  8. Beyond Access Series

    This series provides information and training to supports families of students with disabilities.

  9. Family Resources

    Upcoming events, workshops, and resources for families of children with IEPs.

  10. District Schools

    The majority of students with IEPs receive their educational programs in the same schools that they would attend if they did not have disabilities. See the list of educational programs that your child may receive in a di...

  11. Specialized Programs for Students with Disabilities

    Learn about the many specialized programs we offer to special education students, including Essential Skills, Bilingual, and Autism Disorder programs.

  12. Specialized Transportation

    Specialized transportation is also called curb-to-school bus service.

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