What do Superintendents do?

Under New York State law, all schools are overseen by superintendents. New York City has 46 superintendents. Some are tied to the city’s geographic school districts, some to school grade level, and others to the special needs of their students.

All of them, however:

  • Communicate Department of Education policy to both schools and the public
  • Support communities by communicating with:
    • District Leadership Teams (DLTs)
    • Presidents’ Councils
    • Parent Associations (PA/PTAs)
    • Community Education Councils (CECs) and the Citywide Council of High Schools (CCHS)
  • Supervise and evaluate school principals
  • Appoint principals in district schools
  • Approve principal, assistant principals, and teacher tenure decisions
  • Approve school budgets, ensuring they are aligned to the schools’ Comprehensive Education Plan

Contact Your Superintendent

You can find all the contact information for your school—including its superintendent—on your school’s page. Just use the Find a School tool to look up your school’s information:

You don’t have to start with your superintendent to get help. Find out more on the Get Help page:

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