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The Gifted & Talented (G&T) application is currently closed.

In late spring, families who submitted an application by the deadline will be notified of their child's eligibility for admission to G&T programs this September. Offers will be made differently this year. We did not administer a G&T test; instead, families and educators are helping identify students for accelerated learning.

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All families with children born in 2016 who live in New York City—including those who have temporarily relocated due to the COVID-19 pandemic—could apply this year to G&T programs. This also includes current pre-K public district or charter school students, private or parochial school students, and children who are new to NYC schools.

All G&T programs are expected to welcome and support all students including children with accessibility needs, children with disabilities, children who speak a language other than English, and children in temporary housing. All families, regardless of immigration status, are welcome and encouraged to apply.

2. Current Program or DOE Nomination Form

  • For Current Pre-K for All Students. After you submit your child's application, educators from your pre-K school or program will determine if your child is eligible to enter a randomized lottery for a G&T seat, and they will complete a nomination form.
  • For Children Not Enrolled in Pre-K for All. After you submit your child's application, we will encourage you to sign up for a pre-K seat: if you do, your child's new program will determine eligibility based on a short remote interview. If you do not choose to enroll your child in pre-K, then the DOE's Early Childhood Team will determine their eligibility, also based on a short remote interview.

3. Learn if Your Child Is Eligible

Beginning in late spring, we will notify all families who submitted an application whether or not their child is eligible to be considered for admission to G&T programs this year.

4. Understand How G&T Offers Are Made

  • All eligible children will then be considered for admission to G&T programs.
  • Some of these applicants (such as siblings of current students) will be prioritized for offers, consistent with previous policies.
  • If there are more applicants than seats available within any priority group, offers will be made within that group according to applicants’ randomly assigned numbers, as in a lottery.

5. Receive Your G&T Results 

Participating families will receive their results—which may include a G&T offer—this summer, ahead of fall 2021.

G&T Offers for Rising First, Second, or Third Graders

For families with children entering first, second, and third grades in fall 2021, offers to G&T programs will be made to children from last year's G&T waitlists. The DOE will not be accepting new applications for these seats.

Learn about Virtual Events

Please contact schools directly or check their websites to learn if they will hold virtual open houses or information sessions. If you missed the virtual G&T information sessions in March, you can watch a video version of our presentation from those events here:

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