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Gifted & Talented (G&T) programs are one way that New York City supports the educational needs of exceptional students. Our G&T programs vary in approach, but they all offer specialized instruction and enrichment opportunities.

During the fall of the year your child is in pre-K through second grade, you can register them to take the G&T test that winter. This test determines which children are eligible to apply to G&T programs; if your child is eligible to apply and then gets a G&T offer in the spring, they could enter that G&T program in the fall.

Who Can Participate?

Your child must be a current NYC resident entering kindergarten through third grade next fall to take the G&T test. To qualify to apply to G&T programs, your child must get a high enough score on the G&T test.

Students with disabilities are welcome and encouraged to take the G&T test—learn more on our Students with Disabilities and Gifted and Talented page.

Learn About G&T Programs

There are two types of G&T programs.

  • District G&T programs are located within DOE public elementary schools. These programs give an admissions priority to students who live in particular school districts.
  • Citywide G&T programs are schoolwide. These programs accept students from across the city and some do not give admissions priorities based on where students live.

Find out more about Gifted & Talented admissions and specific programs:

  • Gifted & Talented Admissions Guide. The 2020 guide provides a map of schools with G&T programs from the 2019-2020 school year. Scroll down to the Documents section of this page to read the guide: learn about the G&T admissions process, the G&T test, and admissions priorities.
  • MySchools. Use MySchools to explore elementary schools and learn about G&T programs.
  • Diversity in Admissions. This year, G&T programs across the city were invited to participate in a pilot initiative to increase diversity within our programs.

Take the G&T Test

The results of the G&T test are confidential to you and will not affect your child’s school placement or be shared with your child’s current or future school.

Prepare Your Child for the Test

The G&T test uses both nonverbal and verbal tests to determine if a child is eligible to apply for G&T programs.

  • Learn more about the G&T test.
  • Review the sample test questions in the Gifted & Talented Admissions Guide with your child. Be sure to use the correct sample questions for your child’s birth year. Learn the types of questions your child may see on the test and help prepare them for the test-taking experience.

Get Your G&T Test Score

If your child took the G&T test in January, you' should have received their score report in the spring. Students who get a G&T test score of 90 or above will also get a G&T application.

District and citywide G&T programs have different qualifying scores:

  • District G&T programs: Your child must get a score of 90 or above to apply to district G&T programs in the district where they live.
  • Citywide G&T programs: Your child must get a score of 97 or above to apply.

Learn more about how Gifted & Talented tests are scored.

Request to View Your Child’s Exam Booklet

The health and safety of all of our students and families continues to be our first priority in the wake of the evolving situation around the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in New York City. In light of this evolving situation, the DOE has suspended many activities, including those that require in-person meetings. The G&T test view period scheduled for June 2020 is temporarily postponed. Please use this form to request a test view, and we will provide updates via email.

The test view is solely an opportunity to view your child’s test and see the answers that she/he selected during the test administration. This is not an appeals process. 

To request an appointment to view your child’s Gifted & Talented (G&T) test, complete this form OR send a letter to: Office of Assessment , Gifted & Talented Testing, 43-36 Vernon Boulevard, Room 209, Long Island City, NY 11101

The written request must include: 

  1. Student’s first and last name
  2. Student’s date of birth
  3. Parent/Guardian first and last name
  4. Current home address
  5. Home, work, and mobile phone number (if available)
  6. Date, borough, and site where your child was tested (if available)

After submitting the request, you will receive confirmation of receipt and communication about scheduling your appointment. If you make the request online, you will receive all communications to the email address you provide. If you mail the request, you will be notified by mail, or email if you provide an email address.  

Please note the following about the G&T test view appointment:

  • Test views typically take place during the month of June for families of students in Pre-K through grade 2 who took the test in winter.
  • This is not an appeals process, but an opportunity for you to view your child’s test.
  • The G&T test view is a 20-minute appointment. It may not be possible to reschedule if you arrive late or miss your appointment.
  • You will view a copy of your child’s test booklet that includes their answers, and a New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) employee will be present to facilitate the process.
  • To maintain test security, all testing documents must remain with the NYCDOE at the end of the appointment.

Visit G&T Programs and Apply

Visit Programs

*Please note that NYC public school buildings are currently closed. During this time, we encourage you to visit schools' and programs' websites to learn more about them.*

When school buildings are open, visiting a G&T program and the school where it is located is the best way to explore if it may be the right place for your child. It's also a great way to see how long the trip is from home.

  • Find open house dates in the calendar below, but contact schools directly for the most recent information, such as whether they will hold virtual open houses or information sessions.
  • Please note: G&T programs are in very high demand. There are usually more eligible applicants than available seats in most G&T programs. Even if a child gets the highest score possible on the G&T test, placement is not guaranteed—there are more applicants with scores of 99 than there are seats in some G&T programs. Please keep this in mind as you plan to attend open house events.

Apply to G&T Programs

If your child is eligible, apply to Gifted & Talented by May 13—see your G&T application for more details.

Your child may have priority to attend certain G&T programs because of where they live or because their sibling goes to a certain school or G&T program.


Learn about Gifted & Talented admissions and see all G&T programs in the city on one map in the NYC 2020 Gifted and Talented Admissions Guide. You can also use the practice questions in this guide to familiarize your child with the G&T test.

Use the Pre-Registration Checklist to learn what you need to provide when accepting an offer to a kindergarten G&T program:

Use the Registration Checklist to learn what you need to provide when accepting an offer to a first-grade, second-grade, or third-grade G&T program:

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