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What is Gifted & Talented?

Gifted & Talented (G&T) programs are one way that New York City supports the educational needs of exceptional students. Our G&T programs vary in approach, but they all offer specialized instruction and enrichment opportunities designed for gifted children.

There are two types of settings for G&T programs.

  • District G&T programs are located within district elementary schools, beginning in kindergarten and ending in fifth grade. Students in these programs take classes together in major subject areas but may share classes such as physical education or art with students who are not in the G&T program. These programs give an admissions priority to students who live in particular school districts. 
  • Citywide G&T programs are schoolwide. Every student in these schools is in the G&T program, and all courses are designed for G&T students. These programs accept students from across the city and do not give admissions priorities based on where students live.  

Sign Up for the G&T Test

This fall, sign your child up to take the G&T test. All students who take the test in January will get a score report in the spring, and students who get a qualifying score of 90 or above will also get a G&T application. Sign up to test one of two ways:

  • Online in English, Spanish, Chinese, Bengali, Russian, Arabic, Urdu, Haitian Creole, Korean, or French
  • In person at a Family Welcome Center—find locations and hours at the link below:

Who Can Participate in G&T Admissions?

To take the G&T test, your child must:

  • Be a current NYC resident
  • Be a student who will be entering kindergarten through third grade
  • Sign up this fall to take the G&T test

To qualify to apply to G&T programs, your child must:

  • Take the G&T test
  • Get a high enough score on the G&T test

What Score Do You Need to Apply? 

District and citywide G&T programs have different qualifying scores:

  • District G&T programs: Your child must get a score of 90 or above to apply to district G&T programs in the district where they live.
  • Citywide G&T programs: Your child must get a score of 97 or above to apply.

Learn more about the G&T test on the Gifted & Talented Testing page:

Subscribe to the Gifted & Talented email list to learn when and how to sign your child up to test; you'll also get G&T admissions tips and key date reminders:

Students with disabilities are welcome and encouraged to take the G&T test—learn more on the Gifted & Talented Students with Disabilities page:

Find G&T Programs

Use the following resources to learn about current G&T program options. 

  • Gifted & Talented Handbook. Find information about specific programs in the school pages of this handbook. Also get more information on the G&T admissions process, the G&T test, and admissions priorities. Your child may have priority to attend certain G&T programs because of where they live or because their sibling goes to a certain school or G&T program.

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  • Find a School. Search our website for elementary schools with G&T programs. Map what your child's commute might be like from each program of interest, read schools' Quality Reports, and explore their websites. 

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  • Diversity in Admissions page. This year, G&T programs across the city were invited to participate in a pilot initiative to increase diversity within our programs—learn more on our Diversity in Admissions page:

Take the G&T Test

Consider having your child tested this fall! The results of the G&T test are confidential to you and will not affect your child’s school placement or be shared with your child’s current or future school.  

Sign Up

After the registration period opens this fall, sign your child up to take the test. You can sign up during the registration period one of three ways: 

  • Online in English, Spanish, Chinese, Bengali, Russian, Arabic, Urdu, Haitian Creole, Korean, or French
  • By phone at 718-935-2009 
  • In person at a Family Welcome Center—find locations and hours on the Family Welcome Centers page:

Schedule the Test

When and where your child takes the G&T test depends on their current grade level and whether they attend a public school. 

  • Current public school students in grades K-2 will take the test during a regular school day in January—get your child’s testing date from their school. 
  • Current pre-K, charter school, and non-public school students will take the test on a weekend date—choose a test date and location when you sign up to test.

Prepare Your Child for the Test

The G&T Test uses both nonverbal and verbal tests to determine if a child is eligible to apply for G&T programs. 

  • Learn more about the G&T test on our Gifted and Talented Testing page (scroll up for the link). 
  • Review a practice G&T test in the back of the NYC Gifted & Talented Handbook (scroll up to view or download) with your child. Learn the types of questions your child may see on the test and help prepare them for the test-taking experience.

Get Your G&T Test Score

If your child takes the G&T test in January, you will get their score report in the spring by mail—if you signed up to test online, you will also get this score report by email. Students who get a G&T test score of 90 or above will also get a G&T application. This means they are eligible to apply to district G&T programs.

    Visit G&T Programs 

    Visiting a G&T program and the school where it is located is the best way to explore if it may be the right place for your child. It's also a great way to see how long the trip is from home.

    This fall, find event information and open house dates on this website. Contact schools directly to find out if they have special events, open houses, school tours, or specific information about their G&T programs.

    Apply to G&T Programs  

    If your child is eligible, apply to Gifted & Talented next spring by the date listed on your G&T application—see your application for details on how and when to apply.

    Get Your G&T Results

    If you apply to G&T programs, you will get a results letter in the late spring. There is no guarantee that a student will get an offer to a G&T program, regardless of their G&T test score. The number of eligible students typically exceeds the number of seats available.  


    Accept or decline a G&T offer if your child gets one by pre-registering at the school. Contact the school to set up a time to pre-register in person. Bring your child and all required documents—use the Pre-Registration Checklist to learn what you need to bring:

    Waitlist Offers  

    In some cases, G&T programs may have seats that become available after offers are sent to families. Applicants who do not get an offer from their first-choice program will be added to the waitlists of all the programs listed higher on their application than the program where they got an offer, or of all the programs they applied to if they got no offers. 

    How Many Students Get G&T Offers?

    G&T programs are in very high demand. There are usually more eligible applicants than available seats in most G&T programs. Learn how many students took the G&T test, got eligible scores, applied to G&T programs, and got offers last year on our G&T Data page (coming soon!).

    If your child does not get a qualifying score or a G&T offer, they are still guaranteed placement at a NYC public school. Students born in 2014 will also apply to kindergarten this winter. After the kindergarten application period opens, submit a kindergarten application online, by phone, or at a Family Welcome Center—learn more this fall on our Kindergarten page:

    Plan for Middle School 

    During fifth grade (or sixth grade if your child’s elementary school ends in sixth grade), your child will apply to middle school. Middle school admissions may seem many years in the future, but it’s helpful to start thinking now about the next step in your child’s educational journey. Here are a few tips: 

    • Some middle schools consider students' fourth grade report card grades when making offers. 
    • If your child’s kindergarten is in a school that continues through eighth or twelfth grade, they will have a priority to continue attending that school.

    Learn more on our Middle School admissions page:

    The admissions period for Gifted & Talented is currently closed.

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