Summer Rising 2022

2022 Summer Rising promotional banner featuring 3 kids outside the new york city department of education logo and the department of youth and community development logo

Reminder on Program Dates: As we enter the second half of Summer Rising, please remember that elementary school Summer Rising programs run until August 19, while middle school programs end on August 12. Elementary families should contact their Community Based Organization to learn more about program schedule and logistics for Week 7 (August 15-19) and to confirm their participation for this final week, which will be entirely enrichment (no DOE academics). For information on transportation, see the transportation section below.

Enrollment Information: While some programs are still at capacity, others have seats that have opened up. We know there is high demand for summer programming and want to serve as many families as possible. If you are looking for a Summer Rising seat for your child, please follow these steps:

  1. Review the building map for a list of programs and CBO contact information.
  2. If you are interested in one of these programs for your child, contact the program’s CBO using the phone number listed on the map.
  3. If the program still has availability, the CBO will share an enrollment form to complete. If the program no longer has availability, the CBO may place your child on a waitlist.
  4. The CBO at the requested summer site will follow up with you to confirm your child’s spot in the program.

Please reach out to the Summer Rising inbox ( with any questions. Thank you and we hope to see you this summer!

Program Overview

Students in grades K–8 will have access to both academics and enrichment programming over the course of the day, including field trips, arts activities, and outdoor recreation. Programs will be full-day, in-person, and planned and operated collaboratively by school principals and community-based organizations. The environment will be safe and supportive with staff prepared to respond to children’s social and emotional needs. Breakfast and lunch will be served.

A typical day for students in grades K–8 will include a mix of academic support, social emotional learning, and enrichment activities. Academics will be provided by licensed teachers in the morning and enrichment activities (such as art, sports, and play) will be led by community-based organization staff. Students with disabilities who may require additional supports to participate in programming, such as a paraprofessional, will receive those supports as needed. We are actively developing a transportation plan for this summer and will share details as soon as possible.

Children in DOE 3-K and Pre-K programs who have an IEP that recommends an extended school year (12-month) special class program will participate in a summer program at an Extended School Year (ESY) or District 75 site. 

Multilingual learners/English language learners (MLs/ELLs) in grades K-8 participating in Summer Rising will engage in academically rigorous, culturally responsive, and student-centered options in the morning and participate in afternoon enrichment sessions facilitated by trusted community-based organizations. Additionally, MLs/ELLs will receive instruction targeting language and literacy development and access to grade-level content through an integrated English as a New Language (ENL) co-teaching and/or standalone ENL instructional model over the summer. This may also include small-group instruction or one-to-one support for MLs/ELLs.

Summer Rising 2022 is a partnership between New York City’s Department of Education (DOE) and the Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD).

Summer Program Locations

This building map shares the locations where Summer Rising programs will be held. This map also contains CBO contact information by site.

CBO Contacts and Required DYCD Forms

Once you have successfully completed your enrollment, you will need to fill out a DYCD form asking for some additional information before your child participates in Summer Rising programming. This form must be shared with the community-based organization (CBO) running your program. You can access these forms on the DYCD website.

Additionally, in this section you can find a list of Summer Rising programs and their CBO contact information. You can use this information to reach out to a CBO provider if you are already enrolled in their program and have questions or need support completing the DYCD form.

Community Based Organization Providers

Program SiteCBO Point of ContactPhone NumberEmail
P.S. 280 - FY23 SummerKiara Neris(917)
Hunters Point Community Middle School - FY23 SummerSamantha Perman(718)
MS 247 Dual Language Middle School - FY23 Summer- ElementarySarah Román ZygmontN/
MS 247 Dual Language Middle School - FY23 SummerIsaiah Altriaga(646)
P.S. 184m Shuang Wen - FY23 Summer- ElementaryJi Yeon Yi(212)
P.S. 184m Shuang Wen - FY23 SummerJi Yeon Yi(212)
PS/MS 031 The William Lloyd Garrison - FY23 SummerDusty Figueroa-Perez, Program Director(347)
P.S. 025 Bilingual School - FY23 SummerLori C Medina(718)
P.S. 107 - FY23 SummerIvonne Benejam(718)
J.H.S. 131 Albert Einstein - FY23 SummerKatherine Gomez(917)
Academy of Public Relations - FY23 SummerBrittany D. Icaza(718)
P.S. 5 Port Morris - FY23 SummerJamaal Thompson(347)
Soundview Academy for Culture and Scholarship - FY23 SummerProgram Director - Shantae Blount(347)
Blueprint Middle School - FY23 SummerMr. Tracy Pringle(718)
Pelham Gardens Middle School - FY23 SummerAneesah Abdullah(646)
P.S. 161 Pedro Albizu Campos - FY23 Summer- ElementaryKenneth Hernandez(212)
P.S. 161 Pedro Albizu Campos - FY23 SummerKenneth Hernandez(212)
Bronx High School for Medical Science - FY23 SummerPriscilla Diaz(718)
PS/IS 224- FY23Bernando Hernandez(718)
P.S. 115 Daniel Mucatel School - FY23 SummerMrs. Carline R. Cherubin(917)
P.S. 236 Mill Basin - FY23 SummerStacey Dunn(917)
Waterside Children's Studio School - FY23 SummerDarrah Burns(917)
J.H.S. 078 Roy H. Mann - FY23 SummerMonique Haddock(917)
J.H.S. 234 Arthur W. Cunningham - FY23 SummerIbraheem Wynn(917)
P.S. 207 Elizabeth G. Leary - FY23 SummerPatryce Williams(917)
M.S. 137 America's School of Heroes - FY23 SummerDanielle Bourne(917)
Scholars' Academy - FY23 SummerAriel Richardson(718)
J.H.S. 278 Marine Park - FY23 SummerQuincy Jiles(917)
J.H.S. 014 Shell Bank - FY23 SummerAlyssa Dreifus(917)
Channel View School for Research - FY23 SummerMyasia McKenzie(718)
P.S. 119 Amersfort - FY23 SummerSara Vincent(718)
P.S. 203 FLOYD BENNETT SCHOOL - FY23 SummerLarry Cosares(917)
P.S. 207 Elizabeth G. Leary - FY23 SummerProgram Director Marie Oneto(917)
P.S. 251 Paerdegat - FY23 SummerStephanie Logan(718)
P.S. 312 Bergen Beach - FY23 SummerMia Archin(917)
The Gordon Parks School - FY23 Summer- ElementaryHoward Keller(718)
The Gordon Parks School - FY23 SummerHoward Keller(718)
I.S. 192 The Linden - FY23 SummerLayla Wright(646)
Q062 - Summer Rising FY23 - K-5Ashley Murad(718)
P.S. 146 Howard Beach - FY23 SummerTiantha Fields(718)
Bronx Green Middle School - FY23 SummerOctavia Wilson, Site Director(646)
Pelham Academy of Academics and Community Engagement - FY23 SummerCaprice Saul(917)
Bronx Park Middle School - FY23 SummerAnthony Mateo(917)
P.S. 130 Abram Stevens Hewitt - FY23 SummerMaria Iskaros(646)
X149 - Summer Rising FY23 - 6-8Miriam Arana(712)
P.S. 042 Claremont - FY23 SummerNikia Richardson(347)
P.S. 149 Danny Kaye - FY23 SummerMercedes Wilson(347)
P.S. 306 Ethan Allen - FY23 SummerLekeisha Johnson(347)
P.S. 156 Waverly - FY23 SummerErika Plaza(929)
P.S. 021 Crispus Attucks - FY23 SummerMr. Alexis Vivar(929)
The Gregory Jocko Jackson School of Sports, Art, and Technology (23K284) - FY23 SummerTenisha Riley(646)
East New York Family Academy (19K409) - FY23 SummerShanay Bell(929)
Dr. Susan S. McKinney Secondary School of the Arts - FY23Galen Wesson(718)
P.S. 189 The Bilingual Center - FY23 SummerKwame Brandt-Pierce(646)
P.S. 205 Clarion - FY23 SummerEmily Tan(718)
P.S. 105 The Blythebourne - FY23 SummerYulissa Chung(718)
P.S. 97 The Highlawn - FY23 SummerVivian Ma(718)
P.S. 206 Joseph F Lamb - FY23 SummerYulissa Chung(718)
P.S. 69 Vincent D. Grippo School - FY23 SummerShirly Li(718)
P.S. 316 Elijah Stroud - FY23 SummerN. Aiken(929)
P.S. 238 Anne Sullivan - FY23 Summer- ElementaryCommunity Counseling and Mediation(929)
P.S. 238 Anne Sullivan - FY23 SummerCommunity Counseling and Mediation(929)
I.S. 915 - FY23 SummerJohnnie Godette Jr.(631)
The Boerum Hill School for International Studies - FY23 SummerHakeem Duncan(929)
I.S. 528 Bea Fuller Rodgers School - FY23 SummerFranklin Castillo(347)
P.S. 003 The Bedford Village - FY23 SummerCharmaine Noel(347)
P.S. 092 Adrian Hegeman - FY23 SummerQuynisha Reina(347)
P.S. 091 The Albany Avenue School - FY23 SummerDerek Perkins(929)
P.S. 114 Ryder Elementary - FY23 SummerProudy Bailey(347)
Ralph A. Fabrizio School - FY23 SummerMichael Pang(347)
P.S. 139 Alexine A. Fenty - FY23 SummerBruni Torras(347)
P.S. 249 The Caton - FY23 SummerDeborah Su(347)
M.S. 246 Walt Whitman - FY23 SummerTola Lawal(929)
Andries Hudde - FY23 SummerPatrice Brown(929)
Eagle Academy for Young Men II - FY23Robyn Stovall(718)
PS 164 Caesar Rodney - FY23Enrique Perez(718)
Van Siclen Community Middle School - FY23Earl Whitfield(718)
P.S. 361 East Flatbush Early Childhood School - FY23Shahzadi Majeed(929)
Bronx Studio School for Writers and Artists - FY23 SummerProgram Coordinator: Jada Eaddy(718)
P.S. 242 - The Young Diplomats Magnet Academy - FY23 SummerDanelys Hernandez(917)
PS 132 Juan Pablo Duarte - FY23 SummerMaxine E. Shoulders(646)
P.S. 242 - The Young Diplomats Magnet Academy - FY23 Summer- MiddleDanelys Hernandez(917)
PS 11 Highbridge - FY23(347)
JHS 143 Eleanor Roosevelt - FY23Pedro Mejia(212)
P.S. 050 Talfourd Lawn Elementary School - FY23 SummerTyrecea Sutton(347) 228-7866compassPS50@CCBQ.ORG
P.S. 106 Edward Everett Hale - FY23 SummerSasha Robinson-Mouchette(718)
School of Math, Science, and Healthy Living (20K971) - FY23 SummerOlney Edmondson(646)
PS 169 Sunset Park - FY23 SummerRachel Castillo(347)
PS 94 The Henry Longfellow (15K094) - FY23 SummerXinzhu Rao(929)
IS 136 Charles O. Dewey - FY23 SummerJhodessa Reimer(718)
Sunset Park Prep (15K821) - FY23 SummerJhodessa Reimer(718)
PS 503: The School of Discovery - FY23Colleen MacDonald(718)
PS 1 The Bergen - FY23David Garcia(929)
P.S. 021 Philip H. Sheridan - FY23 SummerTaylor-Rae Cooper(917)
P.S./M.S. 20 P.O.George J. Werdann, III - FY23 SummerMaritza Hernandez(929)
P.S. 095 Sheila Mencher - FY23 SummerTrevor Stanley(917)
P.S. 153 Helen Keller - FY23 SummerKimberly Hernandez(646)
P.S. 160 Walt Disney - FY23 SummerKelsey King(646)
P.S. 094 Kings College School - FY23 SummerJulisa Jaime(917)
P.S. 041 Gun Hill Road - FY23 SummerSheila Dzagali(917)
P.S. 095 Sheila Mencher - FY23 SummerTania Liberata(917)
P.S./M.S. 20 P.O.George J. Werdann, III - FY23 SummerTaisha Williams, Assistant Program Director(646)
The New School for Leadership and Journalism - FY23 SummerGeraldine Tejada(917)
Bronx Dance Academy School - FY23 SummerJody Parker(646)
J.H.S. 144 Michelangelo - FY23 SummerDanielle Buckley(646)
Baychester Middle School - FY23 SummerQuenton Hunt(917)
Bronx Alliance Middle School - FY23 SummerJohanna Cuevas(917)
P.S. 019 Judith K. Weiss - FY23 Summer- ElementaryLucy Veras(347)
P.S. 019 Judith K. Weiss - FY23 SummerLucy Veras(347)
Bronx Lab School - FY23Wilda Luciano(347)
PS 86 Kingsbridge Heights - FY23Tabatha Gadsden(917)
PS 8 Isaac Varian (10X008)Arianna Aleman(646)
PS 185 - The Locke School of Arts and Engineering - FY23Porscha McNeill(347)
P.S. 115 Alexander Humboldt - FY23 SummerJacqueline Duran(212)
P.S. X037 - Multiple Intelligence School - FY23 SummerDahiana Kilroy(646)
X007 - Summer Rising FY23 - K-5Dahiana Kilroy(646)
P.S. 018 Park Terrace - FY23 SummerLillian Hanan Al-Bilali(917)
P.S. 018 Park Terrace - FY23 Summer- MiddleLillian Hanan Al-Bilali(917)
P.S. X037 - Multiple Intelligence School - FY23 SummerDahiana Kilroy(646)
P.S. 153 Homecrest - FY23 SummerAshley Huang(718)
P.S. 130 Hernando De Soto - FY23 SummerIsabel Lin(212)
P.S. 124 Yung Wing - FY23 SummerTimothy Chin(212)
P.S. 002 Meyer London - FY23 SummerConstance Kong(646)
P.S. 020 John Bowne - FY23 SummerEva Yao(718)
JHS 220 John J. Pershing - FY23Crystal Hu(929)
P.S. 377 Alejandrina B. De Gautier - FY23 SummerJacqueline Rosario(732)
P.S. 007 Louis F. Simeone - FY23 SummerLovanna Abbot(929)
P.S. 116 Elizabeth L Farrell - FY23 SummerKayla Ruperto(646)
P.S. 123 Suydam - FY23 SummerErik Flores(718)
P.S. 092 Harry T. Stewart Sr. - FY23 SummerClemente Martinez(646)
I.S. 230 - FY23 SummerJustin Brown - Site Director at I.S. 230(646)
Juan Morel Campos Secondary School - FY23 SummerJaniela Lindsay(347)
I.S. 227 Louis Armstrong - FY23 Summer- ElementaryManuela Garcia(347)
I.S. 227 Louis Armstrong - FY23 SummerManuela Garcia(347)
P.S. 127 Aerospace Science Magnet School - FY23 SummerAlysen Hester(347)
The Emerson School - FY23 SummerAmaris Buffit(347)
JHS 291 Roland Hayes - FY23Marienely Lasanta(718) 574-0361
P.S. 048 P.O. Michael J. Buczek - FY23 SummerElizabeth Jimenez(646)
P.S./I.S. 210 - Twenty-first Century Academy for Community Leadership - FY23 Summer- ElementaryStephanie Vargas(212)
P.S./I.S. 210 - Twenty-first Century Academy for Community Leadership - FY23 SummerStephanie Vargas(212)
West Bronx Academy for the Future - FY23 SummerDiara Rosario(718)
I.S. 254 - FY23 SummerElion Clemente(347)
Community Math & Science Prep MS 328 - FY23Warner Uribe(212)
IS 117 Joseph H. Wade - FY23Carlos Castillo(718)
Community Health Academy of the Heights - FY23 SummerJamie Gabriel(646)
M.S. 053 Brian Piccolo - FY23 SummerSamantha Narchet(347)
P.S. 105 The Bay School - FY23 SummerQadira M Taylor(718)
Academy of Medical Technology: A College Board School - FY23 SummerRifat Rahman(718)
J.H.S. 223 The Montauk - FY23 SummerRebekah Severe(646)
P.S. 089 Cypress Hills - FY23 SummerYasirys Pichardo(718)
P.S. 089 Cypress Hills - FY23 Summer- MiddleYasirys Pichardo(718)
P.S. 007 Abraham Lincoln - FY23 SummerJonathan Cabrera(718)
P.S. 065 - FY23 SummerBrenda Gerena(718)
East New York Elementary School of Excellence - FY23 SummerShalina Akoko(718)
Vista Academy - FY23 SummerBrittany Wilkinson(929)
Liberty Avenue Middle School - FY23 SummerWitney
I.S. 171 Abraham Lincoln - FY23 SummerAna Vega(718)
Highland Park Community School - FY23 SummerAna Vega(718)
JHS 218 James P. Sinnott - FY23Eric James(718)
PS 214 Michael Friedsam - FY23Marleny Polanco(347)
P.S./M.S. 11X498 - VAN NEST ACADEMY - FY23 SummerAmelfis Rodriguez(929)
P.S. 072 Dr. William Dorney - FY23 SummerSharai Edwards-Martinez(929)
P.S. 204 Morris HeightsMichelle Edwards(929)
I.S. 181 Pablo Casals - FY23 SummerSahquana Crawley(929)
P.S./M.S. 11X498 - VAN NEST ACADEMY - FY23 SummerShardelle Anderson(929)
M.S. 180 Dr. Daniel Hale Williams - FY23 SummerCarolyn Encarnacion(929)
P.S. 179 - FY23 SummerGleiry De Las Nueces(718)
The School for Inquiry and Social Justice - FY23 SummerRobin Jones(347)
Urban Institute of Mathematics - FY23 SummerKatherine Mora(718)
Accion Academy - FY23 SummerCrystal Arroyo(646)
JHS 50 John D. Wells - FY23Asenhat Gomez, Deputy Director for Programs(718)
P.S. 048 Mapleton - FY23 SummerGina Cagno(929)
Brooklyn Studio Secondary School - FY23 SummerTiffany Leon(718)
P.S. 209 Margaret Mead - FY23 Summersadaf shah- Director(347)
P.S. 226 Alfred De B. Mason - FY23 Summer- ElementaryJason Tagarelli(718)
P.S. 226 Alfred De B. Mason - FY23 SummerJason Tagarelli(718)
P.S. 163 Bath Beach - ElementaryAlexandra Balboni-Lubrano(718)
P.S. 163 Bath Beach - FY23 SummerAlexandra Balboni-Lubrano(718)
The SEEALL Academy - FY23 SummerAllison Carbnoaro(718)
IS 096 Seth Low - FY23Seth low Junior High school IS 96(718)
School of Science & Technology - FY23 SummerAlicia Knight(718)
P.S. 217 Colonel David Marcus School - FY23 SummerMassiel Felix(718)
J.H.S. 062 Ditmas - FY23 SummerApril Davis(347)
P.S. 128 Audubon - FY23 SummerShelley Alix(914)
Amistad Dual Language School - FY23 SummerJeremiah Roman(212)
Brooklyn Arts and Science Elementary School - FY23 SummerMs. Tricia Lewis - Program Director(917)
P.S. 398 Walter Weaver - FY23 SummerGregory Dublin(917)
M.S. K394 - FY23 SummerSherrilee Moore(917)
P.S. 308 Clara Cardwell - FY23 Summer- ElementaryXavier Jackson(929)
P.S. 308 Clara Cardwell - FY23 SummerXavier Jackson(929)
Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School - FY23 Summer- ElementaryNiame
Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School - FY23 SummerNiame
Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School - FY23 SummerOlympia Wilson(929)
M.S. 224 Manhattan East School for Arts & Academics - FY23 SummerFelix Hilario(929)
P.S. 109 - FY23 SummerOliver Jordan(929)
The 30th Avenue School (G&T Citywide) - FY23 SummerToni Gray Hazlewood(917)
Community Action School - MS 258 (03M258)Roy Baptiste(212)
P.S. 246 Poe Center - FY23 SummerRafaela Reyes(347)
P.S. X015 Institute for Environmental Learning - FY23 SummerYvonne Williams(646)
P.S. 297 Abraham Stockton - FY23 SummerLawrence Jones(646)
P.S. 032 Samuel Mills Sprole - FY23 SummerZipporah Jones(718)
Elementary School for Math, Science, and Technology - FY23 SummerSheena Young(347)
The School of Science and Applied Learning - FY23 SummerOtis Bellamy(718)
P.S. X015 Institute for Environmental Learning - FY23 SummerNyeima Nix(646)
I.S. 206 Ann Mersereau - FY23 SummerQuinton Ervin(646)
Academy for Personal Leadership and Excellence - FY23 SummerJessica Caraballo(646)
Creston Academy - FY23 SummerGary Adams(917)
South Bronx Academy for Applied Media - FY23 SummerAllison Sam(917)
J.H.S. 292 Margaret S. Douglas - FY23 SummerJavon Williams(917)
PS 15 Patrick F. Daly - FY23Candace Sampson(646)
Thomas C. Giordano Middle School 45 - FY23Jibal Ahmed(646)
PS 123 Mahalia Jackson - FY23Martha Flores(646)
The Hunts Point School - FY23Candy Sanchez(718)
P.S./I.S. 157 The Benjamin Franklin Health & Science Academy - FY23 SummerJennifer O'Brien(347) 295-3413jo'
P.S. 196 Ten Eyck - FY23 SummerAshley Rodriguez(917)
P.S./I.S. 157 The Benjamin Franklin Health & Science Academy - FY23 Summer- MiddleJennifer O'Brien(347) 295-3413jo'
School for Global Leaders - FY23 SummerGabrielle Alcala(212)
Lyons Community School - FY23 SummerJuan Ascona(718)
P.S. 084 Jose De Diego - FY23 SummerKatiuska Hernandez(718)
New Explorations into Science, Technology and Math High School - FY23 Summer- ElementarySONYC Program Director(212)
New Explorations into Science, Technology and Math High School - FY23 SummerAustin Rivera(212)
Lower East Side Preparatory High School (01M515) - FY23Blanca Alexandra Casillas(212)
P.S. 241 Emma L. Johnston - FY23 SummerShanel (Coco) Anderson(718)
P.S. 189 The Bilingual Center - FY23 SummerMELISSA HIGHSMITH(347)
P.S. 212 -Q- - FY23 SummerTracy Boodram(718)
P.S. 002 Alfred Zimberg - FY23 SummerBrenda Tenorio(718)
IS 141 The Steinway - FY23Tiffany Moore(646)
PS 19 Marino Jeantet - FY23Program Director Crisnelly Camilo-Goris(718)
M.S. 250 West Side Collaborative Middle School - FY23 SummerTasha Cooper(917)
P.S. 154 Harriet Tubman - FY23 SummerD'Vonne Dozier(718)
P.S. 129 John H. Finley - FY23 Summer- ElementarySuzanne Hurley(917)
P.S. 129 John H. Finley - FY23 SummerSuzanne Hurley(917)
P.S. 036 Margaret Douglas - FY23 SummerJenny Fernandez(646)
P.S. 153 Adam Clayton Powell - FY23 SummerChristina Daughtry(646)
P.S. 193 Gil Hodges - FY23 SummerMariama Diallo(347)
P.S. / M.S. 114 Belle Harbor - FY23 Summer- ElementaryKestlyn Kingston(347)
P.S. / M.S. 114 Belle Harbor - FY23 SummerKestlyn Kingston(347)
P.S. 183 Dr. Richard R. Green - FY23 SummerVictoria Jno Baptiste(347)
Eagle Academy for Young Men III (29Q327) - FY23 SummerJelissa Williams(917)
P.S. 020 Anna Silver - FY23 SummerTiffany Rodriguez(917)
University Neighborhood Middle School - FY23 SummerIdalia Roldan(646)
The Riverside School for Makers and Artists - FY23 SummerDarryl Mayhand(718)
P.S. 282 Park Slope - FY23 SummerShaniqua Lowe, Acting Program Director(718)
P.S. 126 Jacob August Riis - FY23 SummerTing Ting Tan(917)
P.S. 189 - FY23 SummerEdward Rigaud(917)
P.S. 189 - FY23 Summer- MiddleEdward Rigaud(917)
Paula Hedbavny School - FY23 SummerKatherine Vergez(718)
WASHINGTON HEIGHTS ACADEMY - FY23 SummerFelix Matos Director(212)
Paula Hedbavny School - FY23 SummerMs. Angelin Gonzalez(917) 521-2060
Harold O. Levy School - FY23 SummerLouis Cabrera(646)
WASHINGTON HEIGHTS ACADEMY - FY23 SummerDavid Rosario(347)
PS 41 Francis White (23K041) - FY23 SummerMs. Cathy Boston(917)
P.S. 346 Abe Stark - FY23 SummerMs. Smalls(917)
The Science and Medicine Middle School - FY23 SummerMs. Capers(917)
P.S. 111 Jacob Blackwell - FY23 SummerIrvin Pierre(347)
Q076 - Summer Rising FY23 - K-5Irvin Pierre(347)
P.S. 166 Henry Gradstein - FY23 SummerJacob Riis Neighborhood Settlement(718)
P.S. 111 Jacob Blackwell - FY23 SummerJahvan Lawrence(347)
P.S. 65 The Academy of Innovative Learning - FY23 SummerSeth Kaplan(718)
R054 - Summer Rising FY23 - K-5Seth Kaplan(718)
R058 - Summer Rising FY23 - K-5Seth Kaplan(718)
The Eagle Academy for Young Men of Staten Island - FY23 SummerMrs. Jeanette Velasquez(718)
I.S. 49 Bertha A. Dreyfus - FY23Desiree Scott(718)
P.S. 206 Joseph F Lamb - FY23 Summer- ElementaryChristine Belykh(718)
P.S. 206 Joseph F Lamb - FY23 SummerChristine Belykh(718)
International School for Liberal Arts - FY23 SummerDiana Marrero(718)
P.S. 304 Early Childhood School - FY23 SummerRebecca Perez(914)
P.S. 138 Samuel Randall - FY23 SummerAnthony Poe(646)
M.S. X101 Edward R. Byrne - FY23 SummerRyan Wong(718)
J.H.S. 022 Jordan L. Mott - FY23 SummerDwayne Bailey(718)
Jonas Bronck Academy - FY23 SummerOswaldo Santana(212)
New Millennium Business Academy Middle School - FY23 SummerStefan Dawkins(718)
South Bronx International Middle School - FY23 SummerDiana Ruiz(212)
M.S. 51 William Alexander - FY23 SummerYaw Teh(212)
M.S. 129 Academy for Independent Learning and Leadership - FY23 SummerLeogilda Luciano(212)
M.S. 594 - FY23 SummerSantiago Grijalva(929)
Academy of Arts and Letters - FY23 SummerLaura Rodriguez(212)
J.H.S. 088 Peter Rouget - FY23 SummerClaude Joseph(718)
The Urban Assembly Unison School (13K351) - FY23 SummerSayeeda Nina Johnson(929)
The Math & Science Exploratory School - FY23 SummerTricia Frazier(212)
M.S. 113 Ronald Edmonds Learning Center - FY23 SummerRoland H. Robinson(718)
M276 - Summer Rising FY23 - ElementaryKara Spencer(646)
I.S. 289 - FY23 SummerMatthew McGlennen(917)
M276 - Summer Rising FY23 - K-8Kara Spencer(646)
Lower Manhattan Community Middle School - FY23 SummerRachel Oakes(917)
BATTERY PARK CITY SCHOOL - FY23 SummerTasha Hunter(347)
JHS 104 Simon Baruch (02M104) - FY23 SummerAdam Shea(917)
P.S. 229 Emanuel Kaplan - FY23 SummerLorraine Finocchiaro(718)
P.S. 012 James B. Colgate - FY23 SummerArlene Solares(646)
I.S. 119 The Glendale - FY23 Summer- ElementarySeida Muratovic(646)
I.S. 119 The Glendale - FY23 SummerSeida Muratovic(646)
I.S. 73 - The Frank Sansivieri Intermediate School - FY23 Summer- ElementaryShantaya Bethune(718)
I.S. 73 - The Frank Sansivieri Intermediate School - FY23 SummerKatherina Handrinos(718)
P.S. 049 Dorothy Bonawit Kole - FY23 Summer- ElementaryDarleen Delgado(718)
P.S. 049 Dorothy Bonawit Kole - FY23 SummerAmy Alvarez(929)
P.S. 024 - FY23 SummerMarisol Mendez(718)
P.S. 096 Richard Rodgers - FY23 SummerYasli Suero(718)
P.S. 089 Bronx - FY23 SummerJohnny A Ponce(718)
P.S. 048 William G. Wilcox - FY23 SummerEmily Marks(929)
R036 - Summer Rising FY23 - K-5Avery Rasmussen(718)
R031 - Summer Rising FY23 - K-5Kiara Brown(718)
P.S. 048 William G. Wilcox - FY23 SummerEmily Marks(929)
Staten Island School of Civic Leadership - FY23 SummerTaj Ellis(718)
P.S. 033 Timothy Dwight - FY23 SummerWaleska Salcedo(917)
P.S. 085 Great Expectations - FY23 SummerAida Maldonado(917)
P.S. 175 Henry H Garnet - FY23 SummerTiffany Johnson(917)
P.S. 192 Jacob H. Schiff - FY23 SummerLlina Garcia(212)
P.S. 097 Bronx - FY23 SummerVermet Butler(718)
K224 - Summer Rising FY23 - K-5Vermet Butler(718)
Q234 - Summer Rising FY23 - K-5ILANA
P.S. 109 - FY23 SummerDavid Cruz(718)
K244 - Summer Rising FY23 - K-5David Cruz(718)
Cornerstone Academy for Social Action - FY23 SummerKim Haynes(347)
Q129 - Summer Rising FY23 - K-5Kim Haynes(347)
P.S. 178 - Dr. Selman Waksman - FY23 SummerArkee Escalera(917)
Q332 - Summer Rising FY23 - K-5Arkee Escalera(917)
P.S. 146 Howard Beach - FY23 SummerJenna Thomas(347)
P.S. 041 Crocheron - FY23 SummerNicolette Pascarelli(646)
P.S. 040 George W. Carver - FY23 SummerJonathan Rua(929)
P.S. 134 George F. Bristow - FY23 SummerDarrin Turner(347)
P.S. 193 Alfred J. Kennedy - FY23 SummerChristine Cosmos(516)
P.S./I.S. 116 William C. Hughley - FY23 SummerEwuraesi Dadzie(347)
P.S. 309 The George E. Wibecan Preparatory Academy - FY23 SummerZerlena Robinson(718)
PS 183 Dr. Richard R. Green (27Q183) - FY23 SummerAriel Zitrin(917)
P.S. 096 - FY23 SummerKarina Siurano(718)
P.S. 121 Throop - FY23 SummerAkia Thornhill(347)
P.S. 376 -K- - FY23 SummerAbeygail Ramlal(718)
J.H.S. 127 The Castle Hill - FY23 SummerVivian Jimenez(917)
I. S. 381 - FY23 SummerEneyeme Adekoye(929)
M.S. 267 Math, Science & Technology - FY23 SummerLeneaur Greenidge(646)
The Mott Hall School - FY23 SummerJames Edwards(212)
I.S. 027 Anning S. Prall - FY23 SummerCaitlin Tripo(718)
P.S. 175 City Island - FY23 Summer- ElementaryTina Gisante, Site Director(718)
P.S. 175 City Island - FY23 SummerTina Gisante, Site Director(718)
Cornerstone Academy For Social Action Middle School (CASA) - FY23 SummerAnochi Odinga(646)
Park Slope Collegiate - FY23 SummerDenzel McKenzie(475)
PS 46 Arthur Tappan - FY23 SummerFinnisha Hunter(212)
Science and Technology Academy: A Mott Hall School - FY23 Summer- ElementaryDylan Anglade(347)
Science and Technology Academy: A Mott Hall School - FY23 SummerDylan Anglade(347)
Frederick Douglass Academy - FY23 SummerJoy Woods(917)
The Bronx Mathematics Preparatory School - FY23 SummerDenisse Fernandez(929)
E.S.M.T- I.S. 190 - FY23 SummerDestiny Rodriguez, Program Director(718)
J.H.S. 098 Herman Ridder - FY23 SummerAngie Luciano(646)
M.S. 301 Paul L. Dunbar - FY23 SummerClaudette J Grant(718)
School of the Future Brooklyn - FY23 SummerDarius Nazario(646)
Theatre Arts Production Company School - FY23 SummerJasimen Washington(917)
P.S. 66 - FY23 Summer- ElementaryKeron Watson(347)
P.S. 66 - FY23 SummerKesha Shortt(718)
Medgar Evers College Preparatory School - FY23 SummerLiza Francis(718)
Mott Hall V - FY23 SummerMaverick Hodge(347)
P.S. 083 Donald Hertz - FY23 Summer- ElementaryKrizia
P.S. 083 Donald Hertz - FY23 SummerKatherine Aquino(718)
North Bronx School of Empowerment - FY23 SummerRenault Chavers(718)
East Flatbush Community Research School - FY23 SummerTheodore Reid(347)
J.H.S. 057 Whitelaw Reid - FY23 SummerDavid Vokland(718)
The School of Integrated Learning - FY23 SummerHandel Barclay(718)
M.S. 061 Dr. Gladstone H. Atwell - FY23 SummerMs. Judith Mercedes(718)
Ebbets Field Middle School (17K352) - FY23 SummerAshlei McBride(718)
Ronald Edmonds Learning Center II - FY23 SummerJermell Pine(347)
Elijah Stroud Middle School - FY23 SummerMonique Josephs(347)
Academy for College Preparation and Career Exploration: A College Board School (17K382) -FY23 SummerTiffany Pressey(929)
Brooklyn Environmental Exploration School (BEES) - FY23 Summer- ElementaryLawman Lynch(347)
Brooklyn Environmental Exploration School (BEES) - FY23 SummerLawman Lynch(347)
P.S./I.S. 045 Horace E. Greene - FY23 SummerAndre Thompson(718)
College Point Collaborative - FY23 SummerYesenia Altamirano(929)
P.S. 178 Saint Clair Mckelway - FY23 Summer- ElementaryMichelle
P.S. 178 Saint Clair Mckelway - FY23 SummerKennetta Foss(484)
P.S. 207 Rockwood Park - FY23 Summer- ElementaryAbigayle Frederick, Program Director(347)
P.S. 207 Rockwood Park - FY23 SummerAbigayle Frederick, Program Director(347)
P.S./M.S 042 R. Vernam - FY23 SummerMichelle Sohan-Gayle(718)
Queens Gateway to Health Sciences Secondary School - FY23 SummerMelanie Callaghan(347)
Collaborative Arts Middle School - FY23 SummerJacynta Garcia(718)
P.S./I.S. 208 - FY23 Summer- ElementaryJuan Figueirido(718)
P.S./I.S. 295 - FY23 Summer- ElementaryTesha
P.S./I.S. 208 - FY23 SummerJuan Figueirido(718)
P.S./I.S. 295 - FY23 SummerJustin Osorio(718)
P.S./I.S. 116 William C. Hughley - FY23 SummerMaiesha Josephs(718)
P.S. 122 Mamie Fay - FY23 SummerJonathan Lau(929)
Academy for New Americans - FY23 SummerRizo Muratovic or Paola Puente(718)
P.S. /I.S. 384 Frances E. Carter - FY23 SummerErica Louis-Jean(718)
Frederick Douglass Academy VIII Middle School - FY23 SummerDenise Moulton(347)
YOUNG WOMEN'S LEADERSHIP SCHOOL OF BROOKLYN - FY23 SummerElba Rodriguez, Program Director(718)
I.S. 051 Edwin Markham - FY23 SummerMichael Roche(718)
I.S. 125 Thom J. McCann Woodside - FY23 SummerWillieBenjamin Loadholt(718)
PS/MS 031 The William Lloyd Garrison (07X031) - FY23 SummerRobin Kondrup(516)
I.S. 238 - Susan B. Anthony Academy - FY23 SummerHero K. Tamakloe(718)
Middle School for Art and Philosophy - FY23 SummerKyle Richardson(718)
Mott Hall IV - FY23 SummerShanay Smith(347)
I.S. 285 Meyer Levin - FY23 SummerKeisha Outram(347)
I.S. 318 Eugenio Maria De Hostos - FY23 SummerKyle Nieves(718)
PS/IS 78 Annex (30Q078) - FY23 SummerTaskin Islam(646)
Community Voices Middle School - FY23 SummerHannah Prescott-Eberle(585)
Jean Nuzzi Intermediate School (29Q109)Sandy Henriquez-Mondesir(347)
PS 14 Fairview - FY23Angel Perez(718)
PS 264 Bay Ridge Elementary School For The Arts - FY23Jodi Moringiello(718)
P.S. 289 George V. Brower - FY23 SummerMashal Azhar, Program Director(718)
Q329 - Summer Rising FY23 - K-5Mashal Azhar, Program Director(718)
P.S. 289 George V. Brower - FY23 Summer- MiddleMashal Azhar, Program Director(718)
P.S. 191 Paul Robeson - FY23 SummerJulio Vazquez(631)
P.S. 009 Teunis G. Bergen - FY23 SummerDeja Martyr(631)
P.S./I.S. 187 Hudson Cliffs - FY23 SummerSite Program Director(212)
P.S. 127 Aerospace Science Magnet School - FY23 SummerSite Program Director(347)
P.S. 100 Isaac Clason - FY23 SummerVilmarie Hernandez(631)
Cynthia Jenkins School - FY23 SummerProgram Site Director(718)
P.S. 197 - The Kings Highway Academy - FY23 SummerMaria Sanz(929)
P.S. 215 Morris H. Weiss - FY23 SummerRasid Hudson(718)
PS/MS 42 Robert Vernam - FY23 SummerSite Program Director(516)
Dr. Jacqueline Peek-Davis School - FY23 SummerIman Harrison(631)
P.S. 148 Queens - FY23 SummerEdwin Carrera(929)
The Fresh Creek School - FY23 SummerJermel Thompson(718)
IS 211 John Wilson (18K211) - FY23 SummerKaveen Wilkinson(631)
IS 364 Gateway - FY23 SummerRafee Greig(631)
P.S./M.S. 147 Ronald McNair - FY23 Summer- ElementaryNilah Rana(631)
P.S./M.S. 147 Ronald McNair - FY23 SummerNilah Rana(631)
Urban Assembly School for Applied Math and Science, The - FY23 SummerBriana Mitchell(631)
P.S. 071 Rose E. Scala - FY23 SummerAlishia Russell(631)
Frederick Douglass Academy V. Middle School - FY23 SummerAshley M. Isler(631)
Kappa III - FY23 SummerGregory Tarrant(631)
Eagle Academy for Young Men (09X231) - FY23 SummerJunah Lee(631)
J.H.S. 383 Philippa Schuyler - FY23 SummerNaomi Pierre(631)
P.S. 219 Paul Klapper - FY23 SummerNyesha Scott(718)
I.S. 061 Leonardo Da Vinci - FY23 SummerCindy Louis(718)
P.S. 229 Dyker - FY23 SummerLinda Panza(917)
P.S. 186 Dr. Irving A Gladstone - FY23 SummerAllison Philippin(917)
P.S. 052 John C. Thompson - FY23 SummerSandra Arteaga(347)
I.S. 281 Joseph B Cavallaro - FY23 SummerTara Chan(917)
Mark Twain I.S. 239 for the Gifted & Talented - FY23 SummerThomas Fortunato(718)
J.H.S. 227 Edward B. Shallow - FY23 SummerMichael Brevetti(917)
New Voices School of Academic & Creative Arts - FY23 SummerElijah Soto(917)
P.S./I.S. 104 The Fort Hamilton School - FY23 Summer- ElementaryBianca Naco(718)
P.S./I.S. 104 The Fort Hamilton School - FY23 SummerBianca Naco(718)
P.S. 192 - The Magnet School for Math and Science Inquiry - FY23 Summer- ElementaryMonique Wynn:(917)
MS 890 - FY23 Summer- ElementaryTrevor Weaver(347)
P.S. 192 - The Magnet School for Math and Science Inquiry - FY23 SummerMonique Wynn:(917)
MS 890 - FY23 SummerTrevor Weaver(347)
P.S./I.S. 30 Mary White Ovington - FY23 Summer- ElementaryOmar Ali(917)
P.S./I.S. 30 Mary White Ovington - FY23 SummerOmar Ali(347)
P.S. 229 Dyker - FY23 SummerErik Paz(917)
Urban Assembly School for Leadership and Empowerment - FY23 SummerMane Mkrtchyan(917)
I.S. 98 Bay Academy - FY23 SummerJacinto Martinez(347)
P.S. 121 Nelson A. Rockefeller - FY23 Summer- ElementaryMiriam Moran(917)
P.S. 121 Nelson A. Rockefeller - FY23 SummerMiriam Moran(917)
P.S. 095 The Gravesend - FY23 Summer- ElementaryKaleem Edwards(347)
Kingsborough Early College School - FY23 SummerCrystal Mangol(929)
P.S. 095 The Gravesend - FY23 SummerKaleem Edwards(347)
The Christa McAuliffe School\I.S. 187 - FY23 SummerJohn Patrick Hederman(917)
I.S. 303 Herbert S. Eisenberg - FY23 SummerLeonard Campbell(917)
PS 179 Kensington - FY23Travis Davis(917)
PS 247 Brooklyn (20K247)Thomas Zaki(917)
P.S. 110 The Monitor - FY23 SummerAnna Turula(718)
Kappa V (Knowledge and Power Preparatory Academy) - FY23Opus A.R.I.S.E. Main Office(718)
PS 194 Countee Cullen - FY23Gregary Griffin(210)
P.S. 067 Mohegan School - FY23 SummerGrace Chambliss(929)
P.S. 068 Bronx - FY23 SummerJanet Chamorro(917)
East Bronx Academy for the Future - FY23 SummerYasmin Rodriguez(718)
Fannie Lou Hamer Middle School - FY23 SummerAndrey Chichagov(917)
I.S. 313 School of Leadership Development - FY23 Summer- ElementaryKatheryn Mejia(646)
I.S. 313 School of Leadership Development - FY23 SummerSamuel Cassanos(646)
Urban Institute of Mathematics - FY23Lakiema Alexander(908)
Wings Academy - FY23Program Director Jordan Barton(347)
Hamilton Grange Middle School - FY23 SummerDelmy Del Cid(917)
P.S./I.S. 187 Hudson Cliffs - FY23 SummerKaren Suarez(917)
New Heights Middle School - FY23 SummerDana Johnson(917)
P.S. 047 John Randolph - FY23 SummerAida Velasquez(646)
X023 - Summer Rising FY23 - K-5Kwesi Luke(347)
P.S. 78 - FY23 SummerJalyssa Gordon(718)
P.S. 013 M. L. Lindemeyer - FY23 SummerStephanie Figueroa(917)
The Stephanie A. Vierno School - FY23 SummerMirabelle Davis(718)
P.S. 048 Joseph R. Drake - FY23 SummerTahiz Bautista(718)
The Michael J. Petrides School - FY23 SummerStephanie Figueroa(718)
J.H.S. 118 William W. Niles - FY23 SummerCollette S. Laurent(347)
The Michael J. Petrides School - FY23 SummerKevin Edwards(718)
Goldie Maple Academy - FY23Nathalie Louis(646)
P.S. 235 Janice Marie Knight School - FY23 Summer- ElementaryKerry Ann Andrews(631)
P.S. 235 Janice Marie Knight School - FY23 SummerKerry Ann Andrews(631)
Mott Hall Bridges Academy - FY23 SummerSidon Stewart(347)
Riverdale Avenue Middle School - FY23 SummerMs. Chastity Camacho(631)
I.S. 392 - FY23 SummerShantel Nicholson(631)
P.S. Q086 - FY23 SummerLandsley Alexandre(917)
P.S. 082 Hammond - FY23 SummerCatherine Hernandez(646)
PS 139 Rego Park (28Q139) - FY23 SummerDiana Jadunandan(718)
P.S. 117 J. Keld / Briarwood School - FY23 SummerDaquan Mashburn(347)
Queens Collegiate: A College Board School (28Q310) - FY23 SummerTiffany Calder(347)
JHS 217 Robert A. Van Wyck (28Q217) - FY23 SummerShivani Singh(646)
JHS 157 Stephen A. Halsey (28Q157) - FY23 SummerDaniel Milfort(718)
IS 145 Joseph Pulitzer (30Q145) - FY23 SummerSabine Martin(929)
PS 149 Christa Mcauliffe - FY23Johanna Santana(917)
JHS 210 Elizabeth Blackwell - FY23Marlena Starace(929)
JHS 190 Russell Sage - FY23Malti McClean(347)
P.S. 146 Edward Collins - FY23 SummerAlicia Thomas(718)
Science, Technology and Research Early College High School at Erasmus (17K543) - FY23 SummerMargael St. Juste(646)
PS/IS 323 - FY23Jameel Watkins(718)
Parkside Preparatory Academy - FY23Jawara Hudson(718)
PS 138 Brooklyn (17K138)Maxine Seales(718)
PS 181 Brooklyn - FY23Paul Shorter(252)
Norma Adams Clemons Academy - FY23Abraham Nyameh(718)
P.S. 086 The Irvington - FY23 SummerAna Berrios(718)
All City Leadership Secondary School - FY23 SummerKrystle Mercado(718)
Evergreen Middle School for Urban Exploration - FY23Magaly Torres(718)
Riverdale / Kingsbridge Academy (Middle School / High School 141) - FY23 SummerGLORIA WILLIAMS(718)
James Weldon Johnson - FY23 Summer- ElementaryRebecca Irizarry(347)
James Weldon Johnson - FY23 SummerRebecca Irizarry(347)
PS 333 Manhattan School for Children (03M333) - FY23 Summer- ElementaryAlberto Arias(914)
PS 333 Manhattan School for Children (03M333) - FY23 SummerAlberto Arias(914)
Mott Hall II (03M862) - FY23 SummerEmani Palma(347)
M112 - Summer Rising FY23 - 6-8Rebecca Irizarry(347)
M.S. 839 - FY23 SummerBossman Ohene Boadi (Programs Director)(646)
P.S. 165 Edith K. Bergtraum - FY23 SummerShanice Darby(347)
P.S. 021 Edward Hart - FY23 SummerNicole Oliva(917)
P.S./ IS 178 Holliswood - FY23 SummerTandika Lewis(929)
P.S. 055 Maure - FY23 SummerSeeanna Mahabir, Program Director(917)
P.S./M.S. 200 - The Magnet School of Global Studies and Leadership - FY23 SummerKiara Cuba(718)
P.S./I.S. 266 - FY23 SummerChelsea Jones(718)
The James J. Ambrose School - FY23 SummerMichelle Ragoo(917)
P.S. 169 Bay Terrace - FY23 SummerAmanda La Rocca(917)
P.S./ IS 178 Holliswood - FY23 SummerReginald Noel(718)
P.S./I.S. 266 - FY23 SummerJazmin Russo(718)
P.S./M.S. 200 - The Magnet School of Global Studies and Leadership - FY23 SummerChristian Benjamin(718)
BELL Academy - FY23 SummerFrances Guzzardi(917)
J.H.S. 067 Louis Pasteur - FY23 SummerKayla Cordero(929)
MS 158 Marie Curie (26Q158)Deborah Popper(718)
JHS 216 George J. Ryan (26Q216)Serila Saimon(718)
Irwin Altman Middle School 172 - FY23Sarah Maniff(718)
P.S. 073 Bronx - FY23 SummerGrace Garcia(718)
P.S. 055 Benjamin Franklin - FY23 SummerJanet Amador(917)
P.S. 058 - FY23 SummerYvette Hawkins(646)
P.S. X114 - Luis Llorens Torres Schools - FY23 SummerSCAN NY(718)
The New American Academy at Roberto Clemente State Park - FY23 SummerMarian O'Garro(646)
PS 171 Patrick Henry (04M171) - FY23 SummerVanessa Taylor(212)
PS 199X - The Shakespeare School (09X199) - FY23 SummerMs. Vindenjea Samuel(347)
IS 339 (09X339) - Mullaly Recreation Center - FY23 Summer- ElementaryLinasia Turner(718)
IS 339 (09X339) - Mullaly Recreation Center - FY23 SummerLinasia Turner(718)
River East Elementary - FY23Adele Oliveras(646)
M155 - Summer Rising FY23 - K-5; 6-8Keyanna Ellis(347)
Wadleigh Secondary School for the Performing & Visual Arts - FY23Marquis King, Program Director(347)
Bronx Alliance Middle School - FY23Clarence Leggett(845)
P.S. 034 Oliver H. Perry - FY23 SummerJayda Myrick(347)
Conselyea Preparatory School - FY23 Summer- ElementaryIvelise Arroyo(347)
Conselyea Preparatory School - FY23 SummerIvelise Arroyo(347)
P.S. 005 Dr. Ronald Mcnair - FY23 SummerSashni Peart(718)
P.S. 041 Francis White - FY23 SummerOneeka Benjamin(347)
MS 35 Stephen Decatur - FY23Antonio Melendez(718)
IS 068 Isaac Bildersee (18K068)Ms. Yvanna Jack(347)
East Flatbush Community Research School (18K581)Simone Warner(718)
P.S. 105 The Bay School - FY23 SummerJacqueline Brathwaite(646)
P.S. 104 The Bays Water - FY23 SummerOlubusola Ogundola(347)
The Jermaine L. Green STEM Institute of Queens - FY23 SummerShanelle Cummings(917)
P.S. 75 School of Research and Discovery - FY23 SummerChristina Rivera(917)
M.S. 302 Luisa Dessus Cruz - FY23 SummerStevland McKoy(917)
The Brooklyn Green School - FY23 SummerKassandra Sandiford(917)
Knowledge and Power Preparatory Academy VI - FY23 SummerMARK WALTERS(646)
P.S. K225 - The Eileen E. Zaglin - FY23 SummerKarina Calzadilla(718)
P.S. K225 - The Eileen E. Zaglin - FY23 SummerEnisa Gutic(718)
School of Performing Arts - FY23Hazel Robinson(718)
P.S. 124 Osmond A Church - FY23 SummerHema Harinarine(718)
J.H.S. 202 Robert H. Goddard - FY23 SummerKavita Jaggarsal(202)
PS 214 (12X214) - FY23 SummerDANEKA Bracero(718)
PS 154 Jonathan D. Hyatt (07X154) - FY23 SummerShervon Thomas(646)
P.S. 3 Raul Julia Micro Society - FY23 Summer- ElementaryCarlos Sanchez(718)
PS 214 (12X214) - FY23 SummerDaneka Bracero(718)
P.S. 3 Raul Julia Micro Society - FY23 SummerCarlos Sanchez(718)
Thurgood Marshall Academy for Learning and Social Change - FY23 SummerTerrell Alleyne(212)
Archimedes Academy for Math, Science and Technology Applications - FY23 SummerKeturah Pelle(646)
Emolior Academy - FY23 SummerMs. Peralta(718)
P.S. X140 The Eagle School - FY23 SummerRandy Williams(929)
I.S. 229 Roland Patterson - FY23 SummerHarriet Burnett-Livermore(917)
X460 - Summer Rising FY23 - 6-8Harriet Burnett(917)
JHS 8 Richard S. Grossley - FY23william martin(917)
P.S. 102 The Bayview - FY23 SummerNada Arkadan(917)
JHS 259 William Mckinley FY23Sarah Lanza(929)
PS 288 The Shirley Tanyhill - FY23Marie Paul Jeanty(718)
Brooklyn Arbor Elementary School - FY23 SummerKendra Simmonds(347)
PS 81 Thaddeus Stevens (16K081) - FY23 SummerBrandon Dingle(718)
P.S. 018 Edward Bush - FY23 SummerTonya Shirley(347)
P.S. 150 Christopher - FY23 SummerDonavan Swanson(646)
P.S. 250 George H. Lindsay - FY23 SummerGlenn Branch(347)
Madiba Prep Middle School - FY23 Summer- ElementaryNateria Cannon(347)
Madiba Prep Middle School - FY23 SummerNateria Cannon(347)
John Ericsson Middle School 126 - FY23Stacy Diaz(718)
MS 224 Manhattan East School for Arts & Academics - FY23Tamar Joseph(212)
PS 198 Isador E. Ida Straus - FY23Maribel Mejia(212)
P.S. 199 Maurice A. Fitzgerald - FY23 SummerBarbara Murphy(917)
P.S. 150 Queens - FY23 SummerLizzette Mejia-Gil(347)
IS 5 - The Walter Crowley Intermediate School - FY23Denise Aragon(718)
The Children's Lab School - FY23Chantel K Watts(917)
P.S. 001 Courtlandt School - FY23 SummerTiffany Ponce(347)
The Dr. Emmett W. Bassett School (08X119)Dr. Yvette Morgan(718)
P.S. 056 Harry Eichler - FY23 SummerTekesha Hanson(347)
P.S. 015 Jackie Robinson - FY23 SummerKarl Jackson(718)
P.S. 089 Elmhurst - FY23 SummerElisa Pimentel(929)
P.S. 223 Lyndon B. Johnson - FY23 SummerMichelle Terrell(929) 487-9193COMPASSPS233@CHILDCENTERNY.ORG
P.S. 024 Andrew Jackson - FY23 Summer347-840-2264(718)
P.S. 273 - FY23 SummerManisha Singh(718)
I.S. 237 - FY23 SummerKristin Villani(718)
J.H.S. 185 Edward Bleeker - FY23 SummerMehak Mahmood(718)
WATERSIDE SCHOOL FOR LEADERSHIP - FY23 SummerLesly Escobar-Torres(718)
Queens School of Inquiry, The - FY23 SummerJaniris Mena(718)
Queens United Middle School - FY23 SummerMarissa Lutchman(347)
Corona Arts & Sciences Academy - FY23 SummerSandra Vidal(929)
Preparatory Academy for Writers: A College Board School - FY23 SummerCarolyn Johnson(718)
J.H.S. 074 Nathaniel Hawthorne - FY23 SummerSite Director Jennifer Gallegos(347)
IS 250 The Robert F. Kennedy Community Middle School - FY23Talia Banks(718)
JHS 226 Virgil I. Grissom (27Q226)Monique Lauture(718)
PS/IS 217 Roosevelt Island - FY23Ricardo Turenne(718)
Catherine & Count Basie Middle School 72 - FY23Kevin Yeboah, Program Director(929)
Fairmont Neighborhood School - FY23 SummerLiliana Candelario - Program Director(347)
P.S. 211 - FY23 SummerRosmeury Pena(347)
P.S. 211 - FY23 Summer- MiddleJeffrey Jimenez Or Manuel Navedo(347)
P.S. 005 Ellen Lurie - FY23 SummerMs.Bolanos(212)
Central Park East II - FY23 SummerPrince Opoku(212)
P.S. 061 Francisco Oller - FY23 SummerKeith Lovelace(718)
P.S. 008 Luis Belliard - FY23 SummerJose Hiraldo(212)
P.S. 152 Dyckman Valley - FY23 SummerGriseliris Concepcion(212)
The Lexington Academy - FY23 SummerVictor Fascio(212)
Middle School 322 - FY23 SummerChildren's Aid Afterschool(212)
M.S. 324 - Patria Mirabal - FY23 SummerTraciz Geraldo(646)
I.S. 061 William A Morris - FY23 SummerLester Feuerstein(718)
Central Park East II - FY23 SummerMarcela Galindo(212)
The Lexington Academy - FY23 SummerRaymel Bowden(646)
IS 219 New Venture School -FY23Dominic Jones(718)
P.S. 043 Jonas Bronck - FY23 SummerTiani Watson(914)
The Angelo Patri Middle School - FY23 SummerElida Almonte(646)
P.S. 279 Captain Manuel Rivera, Jr. - FY23 Summer- ElementaryHelena Yordan(212)
P.S. 279 Captain Manuel Rivera, Jr. - FY23 SummerHelena Yordan(212)
The Walton Avenue School - FY23 SummerMadeline Rosario(718)
Comprehensive Model School Project M.S. 327 - FY23 SummerLorraine Hernandez(929)
P.S. 064 Robert Simon - FY23 SummerJohnale Emery(212)
P.S. 142 Amalia Castro - FY23 SummerDru Pena(347)
P.S. 140 Nathan Straus - FY23 SummerShawnia White(646)
Tompkins Square Middle School - FY23 SummerEssence Bowens(646)
P.S. 188 The Island School - FY23 Summer- ElementaryDahmein McFadden(212)
P.S. 140 Nathan Straus - FY23 SummerCroilot Semexan(646)
P.S. 188 The Island School - FY23 SummerLatasha Ball(267)
New York City Academy for Discovery - FY23 SummerCatherine Siegel(718)
Q107 - Summer Rising FY23 - K-5Maricelis Romero(718)
P.S. 088 Seneca - FY23 SummerKevin Goodish(718)
P.S. 128 The Lorraine Tuzzo, Juniper Valley Elementary School - FY23 SummerElizabeth Fitzgerald(718)
P.S. 81Q Jean Paul Richter - FY23 SummerAriel Triunfel(718)
P.S. 153 Maspeth Elem - FY23 SummerJennifer Lamberty(718)
PS 254 - The Rosa Parks School (27Q254) - FY23 SummerAnn Marie(718)
I.S. 077 - FY23 SummerCynthia Rivera(718)
P.S. 102 Bayview - FY23 Summer- ElementaryJosiah Vera(718)
P.S. 102 Bayview - FY23 SummerJosiah Vera(718)
PS 128 The Lorraine Tuzzo, Juniper Valley Elementary School (24Q128) - FY23 SummerBetalis Nunez-Reyes(718)
P.S./I.S. 113 Anthony J. Pranzo - FY23 Summer- ElementaryThomas Ritter(718)
P.S./I.S. 113 Anthony J. Pranzo - FY23 SummerThomas Ritter(718)
P.S. 164 Queens Valley - ElementaryChristine Serrano(718)
P.S. 164 Queens Valley - FY23 SummerCelina Rosario(718)
I.S. 025 Adrien Block - FY23 SummerAssundina DePaola(718)
IS 093 Ridgewood (24Q093)Sabrina Sierra(718)
IS 204 Oliver W. Holmes - FY23Elvira Rodriguez(718)
East-West School of International Studies - FY23 SummerYoungmi An (Program Site Director)(917)
PS 124 Osmond A Church - FY23 SummerDeAndra Barnes(718)
P.S./I.S. 268 - FY23 SummerRhashan Kendrick(347)
P.S. 329 Surfside - FY23 SummerNoreen Wall(551)
P.S. 188 Michael E. Berdy - FY23 SummerD A Young(212)
P.S. 90 EDNA COHEN SCHOOL - FY23 SummerD A Young(212)
PS 298 Dr. Betty Shabazz (23K298) - FY23 SummerD A Young(212)
PS 298 Dr. Betty Shabazz (23K298) - FY23 Summer- MiddleD A Young(212)
Brooklyn Collaborative Studies - FY23 Summer- ElementaryAshley Armand(347)
Brooklyn Collaborative Studies - FY23 SummerAshley Armand(347)
PS 138 - FY23 SummerJasmine Philp(646)
P.S. 112 Jose Celso Barbosa - FY23 SummerLiza Hunte(917)
P.S. 096 Joseph Lanzetta - FY23 SummerCristy Gonzalez(929)
ESPERANZA PREPARATORY ACADEMY - FY23 SummerOscar Manosalvas(929)
P.S. 007 Samuel Stern - FY23 SummerTakenia Cotton(646)
P.S. 020 Port Richmond - FY23 SummerDarkis Rodriguez(917)
P.S. 044 Thomas C. Brown - FY23 SummerKevin Harris(917)
P.S. 055 Henry M. Boehm - FY23 SummerDanielle Jablonski, Director(917)
P.S. 56 The Louis Desario School - FY23 SummerElyse Giacalone(718)
P.S. 045 John Tyler - FY23 SummerMeghan Conanan(917)
I.S. 007 Elias Bernstein - FY23 SummerFrank Kowalski(917)
I.S. 072 Rocco Laurie - FY23 SummerTom Egan(718)
I.S. 075 Frank D. Paulo - FY23 SummerAlexandra Richman-Stukel(718)
I.S. 034 Tottenville - FY23 SummerRichard Harris(917)
I.S. 024 Myra S. Barnes - FY23 SummerSamantha Goodman(917)
IS R002 George L. Egbert - FY23Damien Small(718)
PS 18 John G. Whittier - FY23Jaimita Haskell(917)
P.S. 130 The Parkside - FY23 SummerSteven Brunson(917)
P.S. 133 William A. Butler - FY23 SummerNikaury Perez(917)
The STAR Academy - P.S.63 - FY23 SummerJewell Campbell(646)
P.S. 134 Henrietta Szold - FY23 SummerLaneska Rosario(646)
P.S. 219 Kennedy-King - FY23 SummerStacy Moran(917)
P.S. 034 Franklin D. Roosevelt - FY23 SummerJason Crowell(332)
M475 - Summer Rising FY23 - 6-8Jason Crowell(332)
Fort Greene Preparatory Academy - FY23 Summernequan doyle(646)
IS 340 - FY23 SummerLauren Bernard(917)
East Side Community School - FY23Dakim Duncan(212)
IS 10 Horace Greeley - FY23Diana Chavez(718)
P.S. 093 Albert G. Oliver - FY23 SummerSamuel Olujimi(914)
West Prep Academy (03M421) - FY23 SummerProgram Director Sabrina Rivera(718)
P.S./I.S. 218 Rafael Hernandez Dual Language Magnet School - FY23 SummerJamie Yellen(718)
P.S./I.S. 218 Rafael Hernandez Dual Language Magnet School - FY23 SummerJamie Yellen(718)
P.S. 011 Kathryn Phelan - FY23 SummerNorma Carroll(929)
P.S. 152 Gwendoline N. Alleyne SchoolMr. Robert Pleva(347)
The Woodside Community School - FY23Carmen Rodriguez(347)
P.S. 126 Dr Marjorie H Dunbar - FY23 SummerWAAYL SHAHID(718) 538-4708WCHDSHAHID@AOL.COM
Mott Hall Community School - FY23 SummerJacinda Ferrer(929)
Kappa (09X215) - FY23 SummerCharles Tamakloe(917)
P.S. 038 The Pacific - FY23 SummerMichelle Cattouse(646)
P.S. 307 Daniel Hale Williams - FY23 SummerStephanie Adams(646)
P.S. 008 Robert Fulton - FY23 SummerNatalie Vaillant-Morales(347)
P.S. 011 Purvis J. Behan - FY23 SummerLaToya Charles(917)
P.S. 054 Samuel C. Barnes - FY23 SummerLatisha Brown(646) 369-5835LABROWN@YMCANYC.ORG
P.S. 126 Jacob August Riis - FY23 SummerPriscilla Liu | Site Director(917)
PS 257 John F. Hylan - FY23 SummerAshley Mendoza(917)
JHS 194 William Carr (25Q194)Summer Rising(347)
PS 175 The Lynn Gross Discovery School (28Q175)Carlotta Cuenca(212)
JHS 189 Daniel Carter Beard - FY23Beacon 189(917)
PS 43 - FY23Michelle Caban(718)
IS 347 School of Humanities - FY23Eva Miranda Ortiz(212)
MS 131 - FY23Michelle Wang(332)
P.S. 197 The Ocean School - FY23 SummerLisa Quammie-Jones(718)
P.S. 134 Hollis - FY23 SummerAtikay Henry-Hodnett/Byresha Waithe(917)
VILLAGE ACADEMY - FY23 SummerMaritza Illera(929)
P.S. 194 Raoul Wallenberg - FY23 SummerCalena Johnson(917)
M.S.907 - FY23 SummerVincent Punziano(917)
P.S. 022 Thomas Jefferson - FY23 SummerDenise Chiriboga(347)
McCarren Recreation Center - FY23 Summer RelocationMelinda Daniel(212)
P.S. 096 Joseph Lanzetta - FY23 SummerSavannah Green(347)
P.S. 048 William Wordsworth - FY23 SummerSheneka Taylor(718)
P.S. 040 Samuel Huntington - FY23 SummerStephanie Bertrand(646)
I.S. 059 Springfield Gardens - FY23 SummerJoshua B. Milien(718)
P.S. 124 Silas B. Dutcher - FY23 SummerLethicia Dieudonne(347)
RED HOOK NEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOL - FY23 SummerTiffany Brown(917)
P.S. 200 BENSON SCHOOL - FY23 SummerKimberly Stephenson(917)
P.S. 019 The Curtis School - FY23 SummerNick Bitetto(718)
P.S. 057 Hubert H. Humphrey - FY23 SummerLeeann Hernandez(718)
R058 - Summer Rising FY23 - K-5Amanda Garcia(718)
P.S. 022 Graniteville - FY23 SummerAmanda Fazzolari(718)
Tag Young Scholars - FY23 SummerLorraine Santana(917)
Tag Young Scholars - FY23 SummerJessica Harris-Avila(646)
P.S. 145, The Bloomingdale School - FY23 SummerSarah Algu(929)
P.S. 165 Robert E. Simon - FY23 SummerByron Flores(646)
The Riverside School for Makers and Artists - FY23 SummerDonesha Bowden(917)
P.S. X014 Senator John Calandra - FY23 SummerJennifer Silvestre(917)
P.S. 106 Parkchester - FY23 SummerSUMMER RISING- Ms. Yvonne Davis(347)
Antonia Pantoja Preparatory Academy: A College Board School - FY23 SummerTylor Dacres(917)
Harbor Heights - FY23 SummerMonalisa Tolbert(212)
I.S. 584 - FY23 SummerLaMarre Dyson(718)
P.S. 127 Mckinley Park - FY23 SummerKatherine Ponce(347)
J.H.S. 201 The Dyker Heights - FY23 SummerRobert Joseph Borja(347)

Program Inclusion

We are committed to making this year’s Summer Rising more inclusive for students with disabilities, and we are introducing new program features for 2022—including opportunities to access enrichment throughout the day—that will create an improved experience for all our students:

  • Co-Location Pilot: This summer, we will be co-locating approximately 70 of our Summer Rising sites with 12-month District 75 Chapter 683 or District 1-32 Extended School Year (ESY) programs (grades K–8). During these programs’ typical hours (Monday–Friday, approximately 8 AM to 2:30 PM), students in 12-month programs will have access to enrichment activities at various points in their schedule, provided by DYCD community-based organizations. These CBOs will be collaborating with fully staffed DOE classrooms, creating a unique opportunity for CBOs to work directly with students’ teachers and together best support individual student needs. These students will also be able to stay on-site for CBO-led enrichment from 3–6 PM.
  • Enrichment Resources: For 12-month District 75 Chapter 683 or District 1–32 Extended School Year (ESY) programs (grades K-8) that are not co-located with Summer Rising sites, the Department of Education will be providing funding and resources so that students can also access enrichment during their typical program hours, whether through CBOs, arts activities, outdoor games and sports, social-emotional learning, or other opportunities. We will be sharing information shortly on 3–6 PM enrichment opportunities for students at these sites. Please note this applies to students in grades Kindergarten through 8, and does not include pre-K.
  • Professional Learning: Leading up to the start of Summer Rising, the DOE and DYCD will be offering increased professional learning opportunities for CBOs focused on supporting students with disabilities. There will also be dedicated time during teachers’ professional learning days for CBOs and DOE staff to collaborate directly and plan for how to best support students.
  • Additional Supports for Students with Disabilities: The DOE is implementing the following process to ensure that students with disabilities receive the accommodations they need to fully and safely participate in Summer Rising.
    • As students with disabilities enroll in Summer Rising, the teachers who work with them during the school year will make determinations informed by their IEP and/or Section 504 Plan about what types of accommodations, such as paraprofessional and/or nursing support, they will need to fully and safely participate in programming. Schools are proactively conducting this review for each of these enrolled students—parents do not need to request Summer Rising accommodations.
    • Students who receive a health paraprofessional or nurse during the school year will receive those services at Summer Rising throughout the day. Students with a behavioral paraprofessional recommended on their IEP will receive those services during the academic portion of the day, and additional paraprofessional support will be available during the enrichment program as needed.
    • The student’s Summer Rising accommodations will be documented in their individualized Summer Rising Accommodation Plan, which will be shared with the student's parent/guardian before it is implemented.
    • Before the start of the program, the Summer Rising Accommodation Plan will be sent to the Principal-in-Charge (PIC) who will be supervising the Summer Rising site the student will be attending. The PIC will ensure paraprofessionals and nurses are arranged, and they will also communicate with the community-based organization (CBO) running the afternoon program to ensure they have the information they need to effectively support the student. The Principal-in-Charge and CBO will be in close contact throughout the summer to ensure students are receiving the appropriate levels of support and can make adjustments as needed.

D75/ESY CBO Programs

Summer Rising LocationGrades ServedAddressBoroughZipCBO PhoneCBO Email
K005Elementary School820 Hancock StreetBrooklyn11233(718)
K014Middle School2424 Batchelder StreetBrooklyn11235(917)
K026Elementary School1014 Lafayette AvenueBrooklyn11221(347)
K035K-8272 MacDonough StreetBrooklyn11233(718)
K035Middle School272 MacDonough StreetBrooklyn11233(917)
K061Middle School400 Empire BoulevardBrooklyn11434(718)
K061Middle School400 Empire BoulevardBrooklyn11434(718)
K061Middle School400 Empire BoulevardBrooklyn11434(718)
K061Middle School400 Empire BoulevardBrooklyn11434(917)
K061Middle School400 Empire BoulevardBrooklyn11434(929)
K066Elementary School845 East 96th StreetBrooklyn11236(718)
K066Middle School845 East 96th StreetBrooklyn11236(718)
K081Elementary School990 Dekalb AvenueBrooklyn11221(718)
K113Elementary School300 Adelphi StreetBrooklyn11205(718)
K113Middle School300 Adelphi StreetBrooklyn11205(718)
K178Elementary School2163 Dean StreetBrooklyn11233(917)
K178Elementary School2163 Dean StreetBrooklyn11233(347)
K178Middle School2163 Dean StreetBrooklyn11233(347)
K178Middle School2163 Dean StreetBrooklyn11233(484)
K180Elementary School5601 16 AvenueBrooklyn11204(718)
K181Elementary School1023 New York AvenueBrooklyn11203(347)
K181Elementary School1023 New York AvenueBrooklyn11203(929)
K181K-81023 New York AvenueBrooklyn11203(252)
K192Elementary School47-15 18th AvenueBrooklyn11204(917)
K224Elementary School757 Wortman AvenueBrooklyn11208(929)
K225Elementary School1075 Oceanview AvenueBrooklyn11235(718)
K225Middle School1075 Oceanview AvenueBrooklyn11235(347)
K225Middle School1075 Oceanview AvenueBrooklyn11235(718)
K238Middle School1633 East 8 StreetBrooklyn11223(347)
K263Elementary School210 Chester StreetBrooklyn11212(646)
K263K-8210 Chester StreetBrooklyn11212(718)
K264Elementary School371 89th StreetBrooklyn11209(718)
K265Middle School101 Park AvenueBrooklyn11205(718)
K289Elementary School900 St Marks AvenueBrooklyn11213(718)
K289Middle School900 St Marks AvenueBrooklyn11213(718)
K317Elementary School610 Baltic StreetBrooklyn11217(718)
K356Elementary School104 SUTTER AVENUEBrooklyn11212(929)
K356Middle School104 SUTTER AVENUEBrooklyn11212(631)
K395Elementary School1001 East 45 StreetBrooklyn11203(347)
K395Elementary School1001 East 45 StreetBrooklyn11203(718)
K395Middle School1001 East 45 StreetBrooklyn11203(929)
M005Elementary School3703 TENTH AVENUEManhattan10034(212)
M005Elementary School3703 TENTH AVENUEManhattan10034(917)
M005Middle School3703 TENTH AVENUEManhattan10034(917)
M076Elementary School220 West 121th StreetManhattan10027(917)
M090Middle School21 Jumel PlaceManhattan10032(646)
M090Middle School21 Jumel PlaceManhattan10032(212)
M146Elementary School421 East 106 StreetManhattan10029(212)
M185Elementary School21 West 112th StreetManhattan10026(347)
M188Elementary School442 East Houston StreetManhattan10002(267)
M188Elementary School442 East Houston StreetManhattan10002(212)
M188Middle School442 East Houston StreetManhattan10002(347)
M188Middle School442 East Houston StreetManhattan10002(212)
M276Middle School55 Battery PlaceManhattan10001(917)
Q005K-850-40 Jacobus StreetQueens11373(718)
Q007Elementary School80-55 Cornish Av.Queens11373(929)
Q007Elementary School80-55 Cornish Av.Queens11373(646)
Q037Elementary School179-37 137th AvenueQueens11434(718)
Q037Elementary School179-37 137th AvenueQueens11434(718)
Q050Elementary School143-26 101 AVENUEQueens11435(347) 228-7866compassPS50@CCBQ.ORG
Q072Middle School133-25 Guy Brewer BlvdQueens11434(929)
Q114Elementary School134-01 CRONSTON AVENUEQueens11694(347)
Q114Middle School134-01 CRONSTON AVENUEQueens11694(347)
Q147Elementary School218-01 116th AvenueQueens11411(718)
Q168Middle School158-40 76th RoadQueens11366(718)
Q168Middle School158-40 76th RoadQueens11366(718)
Q208Elementary School74-30 Commonwealth BlvdQueens11426(347)
Q208Elementary School74-30 Commonwealth BlvdQueens11426(718)
Q208Middle School74-30 Commonwealth BlvdQueens11426(718)
Q208Middle School74-30 Commonwealth BlvdQueens11426(718)
Q223Elementary School125-20 Sutphin BoulevardQueens11434(718)
Q223Elementary School125-20 Sutphin BoulevardQueens11434(929) 487-9193COMPASSPS233@CHILDCENTERNY.ORG
Q247Elementary School69-10 65 DriveQueens11379(718)
Q247Middle School69-10 65 DriveQueens11379(718)
Q253Elementary School1307 Central AvnueQueens11691(347)
Q253Elementary School1307 Central AvnueQueens11691(718)
Q254Elementary School84-40 101 StreetQueens11418(718)
Q266Elementary School74-10 Commonwealth Blvd.Queens11426(718)
Q266Middle School74-10 Commonwealth Blvd.Queens11426(718)
Q268Elementary School92-07 175th StreetQueens11433(347)
Q268Middle School92-07 175th StreetQueens11433(718)
Q270Elementary School233-15 Merrick Blvd.Queens11422(718)
Q276Elementary School108-29 155th StreetQueens11433(917)
Q276Elementary School108-29 155th StreetQueens11433(718)
Q404Middle School1-50 51st AvenueQueens11101(718)
Q404Middle School1-50 51st AvenueQueens11101(718)
R002Middle School333 Midland AvenueStaten Island10306(718)
R002Middle School333 Midland AvenueStaten Island10306(718)
R002Middle School333 Midland AvenueStaten Island10306(718)
R024Middle School750 Durant AvenueStaten Island10308(917)
R024Middle School750 Durant AvenueStaten Island10308(718)
R024Middle School750 Durant AvenueStaten Island10308(917)
R024Middle School750 Durant AvenueStaten Island10308(917)
R055Elementary School54 OSBORNE STREETStaten Island10312(917)
R058Elementary School77 Marsh AvenueStaten Island10314(718)
R071Elementary School1050 Targee StreetStaten Island10304(929)
R071Middle School1050 Targee StreetStaten Island10304(929)
R861Elementary School280 Regis DriveStaten Island10314(917)
X015Elementary School2195 Andrews AvenueBronx10453(646)
X015Middle School2195 Andrews AvenueBronx10453(646)
X020Elementary School3050 Webster AvenueBronx10467(929)
X020K-83050 Webster AvenueBronx10467(646)
X020Middle School3050 Webster AvenueBronx10467(646)
X040Elementary School468 East 140th StreetBronx10454(718)
X072Elementary School2951 DEWEY AVENUEBronx10465(929)
X074Elementary School730 Bryant AvenueBronx10474(718)
X074K-8730 Bryant AvenueBronx10474(718)
X125Middle School1111 Pugsley AvenueBronx10472(718)
X125Middle School1111 Pugsley AvenueBronx10472(347)
X146Elementary School968 Cauldwell AvenueBronx10456(718)
X146Elementary School968 Cauldwell AvenueBronx10456(929)
X147Elementary School1600 Webster AvenueBronx10457(646)
X147Elementary School1600 Webster AvenueBronx10457(718)
X147Middle School1600 Webster AvenueBronx10457(646)
X147Middle School1600 Webster AvenueBronx10457(718)
X153Elementary School650 Baychester AveBronx10475(646)
X153Elementary School650 Baychester AveBronx10475(646)
X162Middle School600 St. Ann's AvenueBronx10455(718)
X162Middle School600 St. Ann's AvenueBronx10455(718)
X178Elementary School850 Baychester AvenueBronx10475(718)
X184Middle School778 Forest AvenueBronx10456(718)
X184Middle School778 Forest AvenueBronx10456(917)
X234Elementary School2050 Prospect AvenueBronx10457(718)
X235Elementary School1220 GERARD AVENUEBronx10452(718)
X235Middle School1220 GERARD AVENUEBronx10452(718)
X240Elementary School1501 Jerome AvenueBronx10452(347)
X338Elementary School1780 Dr Martin Luther King BlvdBronx10453(646)
X338Elementary School1780 Dr Martin Luther King BlvdBronx10453(929)
X498Elementary School1640 Bronxdale AvenueBronx10462(929)
X498Middle School1640 Bronxdale AvenueBronx10462(929)
K396K-8110 Chester
M841K-8466 West End
Q043K-8160 Beach 29th
Q312K-846-08 5th
R007K-81270 Huguenot AvenueStaten
R840K-815 Fairfield StreetStaten
X101K-82750 Lafayette


The Department of Education and the Department of Youth and Community Development are committed to ensuring students have a safe way to and from Summer Rising.

Please note: DOE K-8 academic programming ends by August 12. From August 15-19, there is a CBO-led enrichment week available to elementary school students (grades K-5) who are participating in Summer Rising. As noted below in the Transportation Overview section, DOE bus transportation is only available until August 12. During the week of August 15-19, K-5 families that are eligible for rideshare will be able to use that option at both 8am and 6pm. Families should contact their Summer Rising site with any questions about rideshare.

Rideshare Overview

The DOE will be offering two 6pm rideshare options to eligible families that are participating in Summer Rising. Please see below for details:

  • What is rideshare?
    • Rideshare is a transportation option where a parent, guardian, or authorized adult takes a pre-paid vehicle for hire (e.g., rideshare or a taxi) to their child’s Summer Rising site, and then takes a pre-paid ride home with their child.
  • Who is eligible for rideshare?
    • Students in grades K-8 in SY 21-22 who are participating in extended day Summer Rising enrichment until 6pm and are receiving curb-to-school busing this summer are eligible.
  • When is rideshare available?
    • Rideshare is available Monday-Friday for 6pm pickup, from July 5 through the end of Summer Rising.
    • Authorized adults can book rides beginning at 4pm to arrive at the Summer Rising site (though you cannot dismiss with your child before the CBO’s designated pickup window).
  • How does rideshare work?
    • We have two options for rideshare: Uber and the Drivers Cooperative. Please see below for more information on each. You can also view the slides from the family info session on 6pm rideshare.

Option 1 - Uber: Authorized adults will receive two pre-paid vouchers in their Uber account. Each voucher can be used once daily (two vouchers, two trips). The authorized adult can use one voucher to book a ride to the child’s Summer Rising site to arrive at the site no later than 6pm. The code will only work if the destination is the Summer Rising site address. The voucher will include this address for reference.

Once the authorized adult has picked up the child, they can use the second voucher code to book a second ride home with the child. This ride must begin at the address of the Summer Rising site. Most likely, it will be a separate car that will take you and your child home (not the same ride you used to arrive at the Summer Rising site).

If you need a wheelchair accessible vehicle for your child, please follow these instructions from Uber for requesting a WAV (wheelchair accessible vehicle).

Option 2 - Drivers Cooperative: Families can use the Drivers Cooperative web portal,, to reserve trips using an eligibility code. No personal payment information will be required to book a ride.

To make a reservation, authorized adults will log onto their NYCSA account. On the NYCSA Transportation screen, an eligibility code will be available on the Ambulatory field on a daily basis. The code is used to book a ride to the child’s site to arrive at the site no later than 6pm and a return trip home. If a family does not have an active NYCSA account, they can contact their Summer Rising site to obtain the code.

On the web portal, it will request the parent/guardian phone number, all pickup/dropoff addresses, and the date and time of the requested pickup. Please note that in order to book a ride, the reservation must be completed with the code at least one day in advance. Families must put the address of their child’s Summer Rising site in the “school site” field on the portal. Authorized adults can order all the trips for a given week at the start of that week.

After booking a reservation, authorized adults will receive two text messages: a confirmation of the ride, and the driver’s contact information when a trip has been assigned. This ride will be considered one trip (to and from the Summer Rising site) in order to have the same driver for the duration of the trip. The driver will wait at the site while the authorized adult picks up their child. Once the child is with the authorized adult, the trip can resume to the student’s home.

Next Steps for Families

  • If you are eligible for 6pm rideshare:
    • A pre-paid eligibility code is now available in NYCSA, for families that would like to use the Drivers Cooperative option and are eligible for 6pm rideshare.
    • Your Summer Rising site will reach out to families of eligible students by July 5 to learn if they would like to use the Uber option. If your child is eligible and you would like to use the Uber option, you will need an Uber account (see below) and will need to provide your Summer Rising site with the phone number associated with the Uber account you plan to use to pick up your child. The Summer Rising site will create the voucher code, and you will receive a notification from Uber once the voucher is ready. You can also reach out to the Summer Rising site on your own if you believe your child is eligible and to request assistance.
      • If you need to download the Uber app, please follow the Downloading the rider app instructions. Note that you will need a form of payment to create an account (credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.), but you will not be charged for rides booked using the voucher code. If you choose to leave a tip for the driver, this will not be covered by the DOE.
      • If more than one authorized adult will be picking up your child this summer, you can ask your Summer Rising site to generate a separate voucher for a different Uber account, so long as that account is held by an authorized adult who is allowed to pick up your child. There will still be a maximum of two vouchers per day per child.
  • All adults authorized to pick up your child must be listed on the DYCD CBO’s supplemental enrollment form and/or the student’s DOE Emergency Contact Card/Blue Card.
    • Please ensure your Summer Rising site has this information by July 5.
    • You can find a copy of the DYCD supplemental forms online and the DOE Emergency Contact Card/Blue Card.
      • It is best to include additional authorized adults and various contact numbers for the CBO to use at times when a child has not been picked up or if there is an emergency.

What other important information do I need to know?

  • Students may not take a rideshare alone, under any circumstances. They must be accompanied by an authorized adult over the age of 18.
    • They will not be able to ride home with any adult who is not authorized to pick up the child.
    • Students’ paraprofessionals and/or nurses may not travel in the rideshare with the child.
  • Authorized adults should contact their site (the CBO provider) if they are running late (stuck in traffic, waiting for a ride, etc.).
  • Families should utilize the contact information below in case a vehicle is running late, if a car does not arrive, or if there is any assistance needed using the Uber app or Drivers Cooperative web portal.
    • Uber: Families can use the Help section of the app, or email
    • Drivers Cooperative: Families can call the support number: 646-859-8460
  • If a family needs access to an Uber voucher, they should call their child's CBO provider.
  • Please note, for all 6pm dismissal (rideshare and regular pickup), if no authorized adult arrives to pick up your child by 6pm and the CBO program cannot get in touch with you, the CBO will work with the School Safety Agent and the NYPD to ensure that your child is secure until an authorized adult can pick up the student. If significant time has passed and the CBO has not been able to get in touch with you, the child may be taken to the local police precinct until they can be picked up by an authorized adult.
  • Please note that if you are eligible for rideshare but later choose to unenroll your child from extended day enrichment, they will be eligible to take the bus home by 3pm, and the voucher code will be cancelled.
  • If you have additional questions, please contact your Summer Rising site.

Transportation Overview

This summer, eligible students will receive busing daily from July 5 through August 12, arriving at their program at approximately 8 AM and leaving their program by no later than 3pm. Eligible students must have enrolled in summer programming by May 27 in order to receive a bus route in time for July 5.

Students eligible for busing transportation include:

  • Students with IEPs that recommend busing,
  • Students in grades K–6 in shelters,
  • Other students in temporary housing or foster care in grades K–6 with an approved exception for busing, and
  • Students who received stop-to-school busing based on grade and distance during the school year (you can find grade and distance eligibility on the transportation eligibility page).

Students who were assigned MetroCards during the school year or become eligible based on the distance of their Summer Rising site can receive a MetroCard at their summer site and can use these MetroCards to go to and from Summer Rising at the program start and end times (8 AM and 6 PM). Students receiving busing will also be provided a MetroCard upon request to use at 6pm.


Program Schedule

K–5 Summer Rising

Academics, social-emotional learning, and enrichment activities for 6 weeks, followed by a seventh week of DYCD CBO-led enrichment and trips

July 5–August 19

Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 3 PM, followed by extended day enrichment until 6 PM

Grades 6–8 Summer Rising

Academics, social-emotional learning, and enrichment activities, including field trips to parks and other venues

July 5–August 12

Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 3 PM followed by extended day enrichment until 6 PM

Students with 12-month IEPs (District 75)

Specialized instruction, related services, and social-emotional learning (in collaboration with CBOs/enrichment providers for grades K–8)

July 5–August 12

Monday to Friday, 8:10 AM to 2:40 PM (or similar 6.5-hour day)

Students with 12-month IEPs (Districts 1–32 Extended School Year)

Specialized instruction, related services, and social-emotional learning (in collaboration with CBOs/enrichment providers for grades K-8)

July 5–August 12

Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM

ASD Programs

K–8 students in current ASD Nest and Horizon programs who have IEPs that recommend 12-month related services receive their related services, specifically speech, by a trained provider with a focus on social and pragmatic communication skills

July 5–August 1

Monday to Thursday, 8 AM to 12 PM

Students with 12-month IEPs will have the option to participate in extended day enrichment hours (described above) and programming through August 12, 2022 (6–8 students) and August 19, 2022 (K–5 students). We will share details in the coming weeks.

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