Summer Rising

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The K-8 Summer Rising application portal is closed. See the Enrollment section for the latest enrollment information.

Program Overview

Summer Rising 2023 is a partnership between New York City Public Schools and the Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD). Summer Rising is free and available to all NYC students in grades K-8, pending seat availability.

Students in Summer Rising will have access to both academic and enrichment programming over the course of the day, including field trips, arts activities, and outdoor recreation. Programs will be full-day, in-person, and planned and operated collaboratively by school principals and community-based organizations (CBOs). The environment will be safe and supportive with staff prepared to respond to children’s social and emotional needs. Breakfast, lunch, and snack will be served. 

A typical day for students in grades K–8 will include a mix of academic support, social emotional learning, and enrichment activities. Academics will be provided by licensed teachers in the morning. Enrichment activities (such as art, sports, and play) will be led by CBO staff in the afternoons and on Fridays. CBOs will also facilitate enrichment in the morning, alongside academics, for K-5 programs. Students with disabilities who may require additional supports to participate in programming, such as a paraprofessional, will receive those supports as needed.

Multilingual learners/English language learners (MLs/ELLs) in grades K-8 participating in Summer Rising will engage in culturally responsive and student-centered academic opportunities in the morning and participate in afternoon enrichment sessions facilitated by trusted community-based organizations. Additionally, in the morning, MLs/ELLs will receive instruction targeting language and literacy development to support them with grade-level content. English as a New Language (ENL) teachers can provide MLs/ELLs with support through various instructional models, including small-group instruction or one-to-one support for MLs/ELLs. 




K–5 Summer Rising
Academics, social-emotional learning, and enrichment activities for 6 weeks (New York City Public Schools-led academics in the morning followed by extended-day enrichment provided by DYCD CBOs), with a seventh week of DYCD CBO-led enrichment and trips 

July 5–August 18
Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM 

Grades 6–8 Summer Rising
Academics, social-emotional learning, and enrichment activities (New York City Public Schools-led academics in the morning followed by extended-day enrichment provided by DYCD CBOs), including field trips to parks and other venues 

July 5–August 11
Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM 

Students with 12-month IEPs (District 75)
Specialized instruction, related services, and social-emotional learning

July 6–August 15
Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM, or similar schedule* 

Students with 12-month IEPs (Districts 1–32 Extended School Year)
Specialized instruction, related services, and social-emotional learning

July 5–August 14
Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM* 

ASD Programs
K–8 students in current ASD Nest and Horizon programs who have IEPs that recommend 12-month related services receive their related services, specifically speech, by a trained provider, with support from trained educators focusing on social and pragmatic communication skills 

July 5–August 1
Monday to Thursday, 8 AM to 12 PM* 

Please Note: Students who enroll in a Summer Rising seat via the application portal are accessing a full-day seat, 8am-6pm. Families with scheduling concerns around full-day attendance should contact their CBO once placed into a program. 

*Students with 12-month IEPs will have the option to participate in DYCD-led extended day enrichment hours (until 6pm) and programming through August 11, 2023 (6–8 students) and August 18, 2023 (K–5 students). Families interested in this extended day enrichment should apply via the application portal.


Approximately 94,000 students have been matched with a Summer Rising seat so far, with the remainder set aside for students required to attend summer academic instruction. After all students mandated to attend summer schooling have been confirmed, a select number of seats may become available. Enrollment for these open seats will be broken into two stages.

Stage 1

Beginning Friday, June 16, 2023, families with students who are identified as priority placement will begin to receive emails or calls directly from CBOs regarding any open seats for Summer Rising.

  • Placement priority for these seats are as follows:
    • Priority 1: Siblings that were placed in a different program or did not get a seat
    • Priority 2: Students connected to the CBO and school
    • Priority 3: All other students

Please note, this is not an open application period, and only families who fall within the priority buckets and initially expressed interest in a site with newly available seats will be contacted.

Stage 2

Any available seats following stage 1 will be posted on on Friday, June 23.

  • For families who did not apply to Summer Rising during this first enrollment phase, April 17 – May 1, New York City Public Schools will reopen the enrollment portal (available through on Friday, June 23, for sites with availability.
  • Families will be able to apply for the remaining seats.
  • CBOs will inform families of their acceptance to a CBO/Summer Rising program and the necessary forms for enrollment..

If you have questions, please reach out to your student's school, Summer Rising CBO, or email for assistance.


Students accepted during the second enrollment phase will not receive busing on the first day. Families should reach out to their school to determine the date that busing will begin. The PIC’s delegated staff should reach out to the district transportation liaison for eligible students requiring transportation. Metro cards will be available upon request.

Find a Summer Rising Program

Students with Disabilities


Students who receive a health paraprofessional or nurse during the school year pursuant to an IEP or 504 Plan will receive those services throughout the Summer Rising day. Students who have a behavioral paraprofessional will receive this support during the academic portion of the day and will receive additional support as needed during enrichment activities. The student’s home school will prepare a Summer Rising Accommodation Plan that will be given to the student’s parent and the student’s Summer Rising site before Summer Rising begins. 

Enrollment for Students in 12-Month IEP Programs

Students in D75, ESY, or ASD programming over the summer can choose to participate only in their IEP programming (until 2:30pm for D75/ESY and 12pm for ASD) or IEP programming plus CBO-led extended-day enrichment until 6pm. Please review these important application details: 

If a family does not want extended day enrichment for their child, and their child will only be participating in ASD programming (until 12pm) or D75/ESY programming (until 2:30pm), the family should contact their child's school instead of using the application portal.

If a family wants to participate in IEP programming and extended-day enrichment (in other words, programming until 6pm), they should use the application portal. Families in ASD, ESY, and D75 programming will have priority for seats in Summer Rising. 

ASD students and ESY students: Families can choose between any of the Summer Rising CBO program(s) operating at the student’s IEP program site.

D75 students: D75 schools often operate at more than one location over the summer. In the portal, families of D75 students will see the locations where their home school is operating where there is also enrichment programming until 6pm. If a student’s morning location is one of the available options, families should rank the program(s) within that location, so the student can stay at the same site all day.

  • If the student’s morning location is not one of the available options, families can choose between the program(s) and site(s) listed, and NYC Public Schools will aim to provide an alternate 2:30pm bus drop-off to that site. 

For families interested in CBO-led extended-day enrichment until 6pm, please note:

  • Students who are staying until 6pm and are eligible for transportation will have access to pre-paid rideshare services, where a family member can take a pre-paid rideshare to pick up their child, and then a pre-paid rideshare home with their child. School buses will not be available at 6pm.
  • ASD students who sign up for 8am-6pm programming can either take a bus home at 3pm (the latest time NYC Public Schools buses run) or participate in rideshare at 6pm. 


NYC Public Schools and DYCD are committed to ensuring students have a safe way to and from Summer Rising. This summer, eligible students will receive busing daily from July 5 through August 11, arriving at their program at approximately 8am and leaving their program by no later than 3pm. (Students in D75 and ESY programming will receive busing for the duration of their IEP program – July 5-August 14 for ESY and July 6-August 15 for D75). Eligible students must have enrolled in summer programming by May 19 in order to receive a bus route in time for July 5.

Students eligible for busing transportation include:

  • Students with IEPs that recommend busing
  • Students with a 504 accommodation that mandates busing
  • Students in temporary housing, in grades K to 6, residing more than 0.5 mile away from their summer site who requested and were found eligible for busing during the 10-month school year, either through an exception or through the DHS CARES transportation preference request
  • Students in foster care, in grades K to 6, residing more than 0.5 mile away from their summer site who requested and were found eligible for busing during the 10-month school year through an exception
  • Any other student who requested an exception for transportation and were found eligible for busing during the 10-month school year (For eligible students, families, NYC Public Schools and supporting shelter staff can request a new exception during the Summer Rising term through SupportHub if a new transportation request is needed)
  • Students who received stop-to-school busing during the school year and remain grade and distance eligible based on the location of their summer site (you can find grade and distance eligibility on the transportation eligibility page)
  • Students in grades K-6 who are not grade and distance eligible during the school year and whose site is not open for summer will receive busing only from their 10-month site to their Summer Rising site if the two are more than half a mile apart.

Students who were assigned MetroCards during the school year or become eligible based on the distance of their Summer Rising site can receive a MetroCard at their summer site and can use these MetroCards to go to and from Summer Rising at the program start and end times (8am and 6pm). 6pm busing will not be available this summer; however, families of eligible students (Students in Temporary Housing, Students in Foster Care, and students who receive curb-to-school busing and who are signed up for programming until 6pm) will have access to a MetroCard upon request or pre-paid rideshare, similar to last year. We will share additional rideshare details and next steps in the coming months and look forward to supporting families in utilizing this 6pm transportation option.


If you have questions, please reach out to your student's school, a Summer Rising CBO, or the summer email inbox (

Accessibility Escalation

Please reach out to and for questions around accessible 2023 summer sites.