Grades 6-9

Book List

View and print the book list for your ninth to twelfth grade student.

At-home Activities

  • Encourage teens to use various social media tools such as GoodReads, where they can connect with people who like the same books as they do, and share their opinions about the books they are reading.
  • Keep your discussions about reading positive; do not pressure your kids or criticize the books they like.
  • Read some popular young adult books and discuss with your teen; this can be a wonderful way to talk about sensitive subjects.
  • Graphic novels are popular with teens and are readily available in bookstores and in libraries
  • Encourage your teen to become an expert in a subject they particularly enjoy, by reading widely and deeply about that topic.
  • Do not abandon reading aloud just because your teens are capable of reading for themselves; reading aloud is something you can mutually enjoy and it can be a great bonding experience.
  • Remind teens that used bookstores are great places to hunt for quirky, bargain books.
  • Suggest that your team leave online reviews about the books they have read, to help other readers decide whether or not those books might be right for them. They can leave reviews on Amazon, or start a "vlogging" book review series on YouTube.
  • Listen to audio books. While it is not “reading,” it is a great way to get teens “hooked” on different literature and authors.
  • Reading takes many forms. Reading blogs and other online material is as valuable as reading books. Encourage teens to get a blog reading app on their smartphone or subscribe to get their favorite blogs in their email inbox.
  • Help teens find social events like poetry slams or teen book clubs at a local branch library, bookstore, or art space.
  • Use various online tools such as Animoto, to create their own book trailers.