Cybersecurity Awareness Month Poster

Beware of phishing emails

Phishing is when cyber criminals try to steal information with fake emails. They pretend to be someone else and want you to click on dangerous links. If an email seems weird, be careful, check who’s sent it and if their email matches who they say they are.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Get an extra layer of defense against hackers when you log in with MFA. It's like a text with a secret code that expires after one use. 

Use a strong password or a passphrase

Don't use the same password everywhere! Use letters, numbers, and symbols. The longer, the better, and passphrases can help.

Keep your software up-to-date

It reduces the risk of infection from software installed by hackers that can steal your information or spread viruses in your computer.

Stay smart, stay safe on social media!

Sharing personal information, like your full birthday, home address, or your location, can be used for identity theft or bullying.

Shields up – use secure Wi-Fi

Public networks are unsecured. Someone could see what you’re doing online including logging in to email and bank accounts.

Check out our Cybersecurity Awareness Month page for more online safety best practices.