Supplemental Information for Parents About DOE Agreements With Outside Entities

New York Education Law §2-d gives parents the right to access certain information about agreements the NYC DOE has entered into with outside entities (such as vendors) who are permitted to receive or to access identifiable student information from the DOE. These entities are required to answer a number of questions about their privacy and data security practices. Responses from such outside entities to these questions are found below. Please note that this page will be updated on a periodic basis with responses from additional outside entities.

PLEASE NOTE: The entities listed below do not comprise a list of “approved DOE vendors” and therefore should not be thought of as such. Some entities listed below may have agreements that have expired or were terminated, but whose information has not yet been moved or removed. Other entities, whose names do not appear below, may have agreements with the DOE, or agreements that are in progress, but their responses are still being processed and have not yet been posted.