DOE Data at a Glance

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In 2022-23, there were 1,047,895 students in the NYC school system, the largest school district in the United States. Of those students:

  • 14.1 percent of students were English Language Learners
  • 20.9 percent were students with disabilities
  • 72.8 percent were economically disadvantaged
  • Race or ethnicity:
    • 41.1 percent Hispanic
    • 23.7 percent black
    • 16.5 percent Asian
    • 14.7 percent white
  • 140,918 were in charter schools

Schools and Programs

There are 1,870 schools within the DOE as of Fall 2023, including 274 charter schools.

Test Results, Graduation Results, and Other Data

See the Information and Data page on the InfoHub for more detailed reports and other information about:

  • Test Results
    • English Language Arts & Math
    • Regents exams
    • National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)
    • Advanced Placement exams
  • Graduation Results
  • Demographics
  • Survey Results
    • NYC School Survey
    • Principal Satisfaction Survey
  • School Quality
    • School Quality Reports
    • Quality Review Ratings
  • Doing research on New York City public schools