School Quality

The Department of Education produces several reports to help families understand the quality of their school. These reports draw from multiple sources, including formal school visits; feedback from students, teachers, and parents from the NYC School Survey; and a variety of student achievement measures.

School Quality Snapshots

Every year, schools receive a School Quality Snapshot based on the learning environment and the performance of its students.

Pre-K Quality Snapshots are also available and can help you understand different elements of quality at Pre-K for All programs across New York City.

The NYC School Survey

Every year, we invite parents/guardians, teachers, and students in grades 6-12 take the NYC School Survey. The survey helps families understand what members of the community think about the learning environment. It also helps schools create plans for the future. Find out more about the NYC School Survey

The Quality Review

The Quality Review is a process that looks at how well schools are organized to support student learning and teacher practice. Experienced educators conduct a two-day school visit. They observe classrooms and speak with parents, students, teachers, and school leaders. The Quality Review helps identify areas of celebration and areas of focus for the school. Find out more about the Quality Review.

More About School Quality

School Quality Snapshot

School Quality Guide

  • More detailed report (most data not available for 2021-22)
  • Complete results from NYC School Survey
  • Additional data on student achievement
  • Search for your school's most recent School Quality Guide

School Performance Dashboard

  • Multi-year performance data
  • Key comparisons
  • Data visualizations
  • Search for your school’s Performance Dashboard

Citywide Data

  • We provide datasets on test scores, graduation rates, and enrollment for all NYC public schools. Access more information about citywide data on our InfoHub.

School Quality Resources