Understanding the School Quality Snapshot

What is the School Quality Snapshot?

The School Quality Snapshot summarizes data about New York City schools in an easy-to-read format. Ratings in seven different categories show what the school is doing well and what it can work on.

The Department of Education collects a lot of information about how well schools serve their students. Families, school staff, and students answer survey questions about their schools. Experienced educators conduct a two-day school visit, where they observe classrooms, speak with the school community and write detailed reports of what they learned. The city tracks results like test scores and graduation rates. The School Quality Snapshot displays summaries of all of this information as well as general information about the school. If you’d like to dive deeper, you’ll find links to other reports with more detailed information.

How do I access the School Quality Snapshot?

The School Quality Snapshot is available online.

  1. Go to tools.nycenet.edu/snapshot
  2. Type the name of any NYC public school into the search field.
  3. Select the school from the drop-down list.

How can I use the School Quality Snapshot?

Once you select a school in the search bar, you can:

  • View the school’s ratings in seven categories, which are always visible on screen
  • Find out more about how the school performed by visiting the tab for each category
  • Print the entire report using the “Print” button
  • Translate the report into your preferred language by using the Google Translate button at the top right of the page
  • View the report on your phone, tablet, or computer

Where can I get more information about schools?

How can I share feedback about this tool?