Quality Review


What is the Quality Review?

The Quality Review is a process that looks at how well schools are organized to support student learning and teacher practice. The New York City Public Schools developed the Quality Review to help schools in raising student achievement.

Experienced educators conduct a two-day school visit. They observe classrooms and speak with parents, students, teachers, and school leaders. They use the NYC School Quality Rubric to help them examine the information they gather during the school visit.

The Quality Review process provides verbal and written feedback and ratings aligned to the NYC School Quality Rubric based on what was observed and the evidence gathered throughout the review.

Why is it important?

The Quality Review process provides all members of the school community with information about how well the school supports students and their achievement. It is also a source of feedback for school staff to improve the school's support for students. Quality Review resources are available to school communities to support school improvement.

Where can I find my school’s most recent Quality Review Report?

Use the Find a School’s Quality Review Report below to find a school’s most recent report. Reports are also available on each school’s website. Access a school’s website using the Find a School below:

Where can I find more information about the Quality Review?

More resources are available on the Quality Review Infohub page