Current NYC Teachers

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Use the Teacher Page to find general information about certification, salary, career and leadership opportunities and supports for new teachers.

Discover Opportunities, Events & Supports to Grow Your Teaching Career

Visit I Teach NYC every day for new professional development workshops and events, open applications for career and leadership opportunities, deadlines for grants and financial supports and much more.

Become a Teacher Leader

The NYC Department of Education and United Federation of Teachers (UFT) hold a common belief that by extending educators’ skills beyond their individual classrooms, teachers can be powerful levers of change in their school communities.  

Visit Career Development for Teachers to find out about our strategic approach to teacher leadership. It increases access to highly effective teaching, supports student achievement, promotes teacher retention, and provides development opportunities for teachers to continually build their instructional practice. 

If you are a current NYC public school teacher, visit Teacher Career Pathways section of the Employees InfoHub to learn more.

Transfer to a Different School

The Open Market Hiring System (OMT) is open annually from April through August. Current teachers and other employees in eligible UFT-titles, who are either in active service or on an approved leave, are eligible to use it to seek transfers to different schools. You must submit applications for new schools using the process indicated on the new schools site, which also offers information on the new schools, positions, application process and selection criteria.

After the closing date in August, you will need a release from your current principal to transfer, unless you have been placed in excess. For questions, contact HR Connect at (718) 935-4000.

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