Teacher and Principal Evaluation

How We Evaluate Teachers

Advance is New York City's teacher development and evaluation system. It looks both at what teachers do and how students perform. It’s designed this way because we believe that:

  • all our students should learn to think for themselves
  • all our students should graduate ready for college and career
  • students learn to think for themselves when teachers are always learning
  • when teachers reflect on both data about student learning and meaningful comments from their leaders, they learn, grow, and thrive.

How We Evaluate Principals

The Principal Performance Review (PPR) is how we evaluate the work of school principals. It does this using a process that is clear to principals and is based on several different measurements.

The PPR seeks to measure school leaders’ effectiveness consistently, accurately, and fairly. The guiding principles of the PPR are:

  • to support principals in making instructional decisions and improving their practice
  • to support school-level autonomy where possible.

Find Out More

Please ask your child's school for more information about Advance and PPR. You can also ask for rating information about your child's current principal and/or teacher(s) by contacting your child's school. Use the Find A School tool to get the school's contact information.