Audiologist Requirements

  • A Master’s Degree in Audiology from an accredited college or university including 300 hours of supervised clinical experience in audiology; and
  • A New York State License in Audiology; and
  • One (1) year of full-time paid professional experience within the last ten years, beyond the licensure, in the practice of Audiology in a hospital, health care, rehabilitative or related facility.

Candidates must also be able and willing to travel to multiple locations daily.

The responsibilities of the Audiologist include, but are not limited to:

  • Instructs students on testing procedures and administers audiometric tests and annual audiological evaluations. Records results on appropriate forms as well as in the student’s medical record/school file.
  • Assesses, evaluates, analyzes and provides recommendations for treatment of communicative and social handicaps resulting from aural impairments and their prediction diseases.
  • Investigates and studies underlying causes, precipitating factors, symptomatic behavior and emotional practice and practical effect upon the student of functional hearing impairment.
  • Administers rehabilitative treatment to students affected by conductive, sensory neural and central hearing loss, as well as functional hearing impairments. Provides appropriate amplification when necessary, i.e., FM Systems, hearing aids, Infrared Systems.
  • Participates in investigating methods to improve clinical management of hearing disorders and performs research related to the development of diagnostic and remedial procedures in the design of apparatus.
  • Assists in the assessment of the appropriateness of locations for screening programs in relation to sound levels and testing capabilities and recommends any adjustment which may be required.
  • Assesses the need for hearing aids for educational purposes and when necessary, fits the student with hearing aids and counsels in their use. Assesses and fits patients for FM and Infrared Systems.
  • Attends Annual Reviews and Requested Reviews to discern progress and prognosis of student patients under treatment.
  • Checks equipment periodically to ensure proper functioning and calibration.
  • Instructs Speech Pathologists and specialists in related fields in the principles and basis of audiology including clinical techniques, methods of assessment, evaluation and treatment.

The preferred candidate will have:

  • A license to dispense hearing aids;
  • Certificate of Clinical Competency (CCC-A) from the American Speech Language Hearing Association.
  • Experience working with children.

Qualified and interested candidates should send their resumes and copies of their state licenses to:

Danielle O'Connell- Audiology Supervisor