Per Session Jobs

Throughout the school year, employees may apply for per session activities that are done either before school, after school, on the weekend or holidays (based on approval), or during the summer. The selection for most per session activities is based upon the individual criteria established in each posting.  Per session consists of any activity in which pedagogical, pupil personnel service providers and supervisory employees are paid at an hourly rate depending on their particular title.

Per session work must not interfere with or be an extension of the employee’s primary job, responsibilities or be used as a means of providing additional compensation for work in an individual’s primary assignment.

No per session compensation may be paid for work performed at home.  In addition, no individual is authorized to work in a per session activity during his/her normal working hours on a regular school day, or during the daily lunch hour.  Employees who are absent due to illness cannot be paid for hours worked in a per session activity outside their regular work hours. Employees absent due to jury duty or official business are permitted to work in a per session activity outside their regular work hours.

The per session year commences on July 1 of a calendar year and ends on June 30 of the following calendar year. For further information, see Chancellor's Regulation C-175:

Summary of Changes as of October 2017

This regulation governs the provision of per session services by pedagogic employees. It updates and supersedes the regulation issued June 9, 2009. The regulation defines per session services and the limitations on the number of per session hours that may be worked in particular titles. It also explains the circumstances under which per session may be served and the required approval process.

  • This amended regulation shall become effective on July 1, 2015, the first day of the 2015-2016 per session school year. (p. 1, § I)
  • The maximum total number of hours of per session work permitted during any per session year for principals is 500 hours. (p. 1, § III.A)
  • The maximum total number of hours of per session work permitted during any per session year for teachers, assistant principals, educational administrators, secretaries, paraprofessionals, and other limited pedagogic staff is 400 hours. (p. 1, § III.A)
  • For school-based per session assignments that require supervisory administrators, school administrators below the level of principal, including but not limited to assistant principals, shall be notified of such positions and shall have priority before principals to receive such assignments. The principal must post the position in the school and send a notice to all supervisory administrators in the school. If none of the administrators applies for the assignment, the principal is eligible for the position, provided it does not exceed the cap on per session hours and the principal submits documentation to the superintendent demonstrating that other school supervisors have been notified of the position and have either declined it or failed to apply for it. (p. 2, § III.D)
  • Per session positions serving students from more than one community school district and more than one high school borough must be posted and approved centrally by the Division of Human Resources. (p. 3, § IV.C)
  • Principals performing per session work in their schools or at another site must obtain approval from the superintendent before performing the per session work. (p. 3, § VI.A)
  • Principals Assigned must obtain approval from the Chief Executive Officer of the Division of Human Resources before performing per session work. (p. 3, § VI.B)
  • Coaches applying for waivers for athletic activities will be granted waivers, absent extraordinary circumstances. (p. 4, § VIII)
  • Any pedagogic employee who seeks per session service that would result in a total number of hours during the per session school year that exceeds the maximum number of hours permitted under this regulation must obtain a waiver before accepting or beginning to work in such per session assignment. (p. 4, § VIII)
  • For district and borough-based per session positions, the organization providing HR support reviews and approves the waivers. For central-based and citywide positions, the Chief Executive Officer of the Division of Human Resources, or his/her designee, reviews and approves waivers. (p. 4, § VIII)
  • Every waiver request must bear the signature of the appropriate supervisor, and must be submitted sufficiently in advance to allow time for appropriate action. (p. 4, § VIII)


Information about Per Session employment and retention rights is posted annually on the OP-175 form and Chancellor’s Regulation C-175 (a summary is available on the OP175 form)

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Be sure to use the OP-175 application form that is included with the advertisement and also linked above for employment and to claim retention rights. Also, please work with your Per Session Supervisor to apply for a waiver.